Virgo February 2014 Horoscope

You have started 2014 in a favorable astrological climate! There will be more and more pace in your life and career.

The New Moon of January 31 2014 fell in your sixth House of Work and Health closing a pact with Uranus in your Eighth House of Shared Resources. What does this mean for the Virgin?
You can receive a bonus or an offer for a better paid job! If you are considering a new job, try to act before February 6, because your planet Mercury goes retrograde until March 1. Mercury is your planet which makes you feel all retrograde problems stronger than other signs.
Mercury retrograde this month goes backward through your Sixth House of Work and Health, so this is a very important month for you. Mercury retrograde presents the following questions: do you like your work? Do you do your work with heart and soul? What do you need to make you feel comfortable in your workplace? This period is intended to assess existing processes at work. As Mercury goes direct again on March 1, you may have you found the answers and can take the necessary steps to get what you desire.
Tuesday February 11, is a bleak day for the Office. The Sun in your Sixth House can't get along well with Saturn in your Third House of Communication, perhaps a quarrel with a colleague. Today better no signing important papers. The Third House is also about transportation, so problems may occur commuting to work. Take care if you hit the road, make sure you leave in good time.
Another similar annoying aspect takes place on 19 February, when Mercury quarrels with Saturn. You will feel as you are being silenced.
On February 1 Venus has woken up from her retrograde sleep and continues her way into your Fifth House of Love and Romance. Any problems you previously had to deal with on the field of love should be solved now and there will be clarity in the direction you need to take in the relationship.
Happy days are the 4th and 5th February. New people come into focus who are of importance of success in your performance.
The tenth and eleventh of February are days in which you are happy to look back at something that has come to completion,something which you started in 2013!
On February 14, Valentine's Day there is a Full Moon! This Full Moon in Leo is in in your Twelfth House of Secrets and Seclusion. So it is a quiet dinner for two by candlelight!
If you recently ended a relationship or if you're alone by circumstances, this can be a difficult time for you. Writing all things down may be a help.
Next month promises to be a month with the best aspects for love. So whatever your current status may be, March will be the love month par excellence.
Mars travels through Libra in your Second House of Self-esteem and Money and together with your planet Mercury in the Sixth House of Work is the weekend following Valentine's day will be a weekend in which you are focused more on work than on play.
After all, you can look forward to some kind of a reward or payoff and that may do your mood a lot of good.
As Valentine's Day was not the day you had hoped, Sunday february 23 is the day for a remake, when the Sun merges with Neptune in the Seventh House of Relationships.
Magical beautiful days for love can also be on 25 and 26 February when Venus reaches out her hand to Saturn in your Third House of Communication. You know then exactly how to find the appropriate words which allow the heart of your loved one to beat harder!
Only February 26 can be a tricky one when Jupiter quarrels with Uranus. There may a fight with a friend about money or about financing of a long term project. Until the end of the month it is to March 1a bit difficult. The best thing you can do is read a good book and watch the world go by.


February is a dynamic month despite the retrograde period of your planet Mercury. The influence of Jupiter helps you this month overcome your shyness and your popularity is growing!

Be careful that you not presumptuous respond to someone in your professional sphere. Consultation with others is of utmost importance at the start of a company, don’t keep thoughts and concepts only for yourself. Be careful with the view of colleagues. Give the best of yourself and then others do that too.
You are faced with situations that force you to rethink some of your decisions. Stick to your own fundamental values which leads to complete true to yourself.

Your action this month can lead to a raise or reward later this year. Don’t talk on February 15 about a reward or pay rise. Work on solutions of your obligations or loans.
Financially februari won’t be the best month of the year.

Love and relationships
By the influence of Jupiter you are more popular but also not so picky. Beware that there may be abuse of you. Your love life is stable.
In the first half of February, the influence of Venus causes for a magnetic attraction. On and around Valentine's day, however, a shift takes place which events may be disappointing.

You will find it easier to express your emotional enthusiasm and this will have a positive effect! Do not hesitate to say what you feel, also to avoid conflicts.

You feel emotionally more vulnerable this month, Virgo. As a result, you can shut yourself get as a mean to protect yourself. Look for the true source of your fears and decide for yourself whether they are in proportion to the current situation.
Health is often excellent, but the climate makes makes it almost a challenge to stay completely healthy. On February 23 or 24 can be a minor ailment. Take good care, watch your diet and stick to worked-out routines.