Taurus February 2014 Horoscope

February 2014 begins very well for Taurus!

This month, you can get a bonus at work, or maybe get a family inheritance. If you are looking for a finance of any kind, you probably will get it too!
The New Moon in Aquarius on January 31 fell into your Eighth House of Shared Resources, and was supported by Mercury and Uranus in your Tenth House of Career !
With this strong positive Lunar energy you experience an enjoyable first week of February ! Make sure that you start with any plans in the first week of February, before Mercury goes retrograde. Mercury will retrograde from februari 6 until februari 27.
Make sure you have your finances in order in the first half of February, for in the second half of the month, you could be faced with unexpected costs .
Now your planet Venus on 31 January was awakened from her retrograde, matters of this nature will be clearer for you.
When you are working in creative fields, in medicine or psychology, you may be offered a more prestigious job or get a large order for a project. Try to get things done in the first week of February before Mercury goes retrograde in your Tenth House of Career. If you wait longer with the job, the conditions are not exactly in accordance with your expectations.
Try to evaluate what works and does not work in your career. During the retrograde period of Mercury things have to be revised in order to find solutions.
On Tuesday, February 11 your financial Sun squares Saturn in your Fifth House of Love and Children. Today there can be a conflict with your beloved one over money or find out that a child or hobby costs more money than you thought.
Watch your spending habits. It is not a good time for debts.
Mars in Libra is traveling this month through your Fourth House of Home and Hearth, making your home, business or family housing an important case. This effect will last until July this year ! So if you have your house for sale right now or if you want to buy a home, you can expect news around Valentine’s Day. There is news about a loan or the asking price of the house you want to sell or buy. You can invest money in a home or you can take an option on a house. It may also indicate a job from home or a job that you can do from home. It may have to do with real estate, construction or family business.
Tuesday 11 and Wednesday, February 19th are days to be cautious. Due to a conflict with the Sun and Saturn, you can disagree with your employer or your loved one will find that you have more focus on your work then on your relationship !
On February 15, the Sun is in the Second House of Finance where it gets support from Mars in the Fourth House. It can indicate doubling of these housing possibilities.
Your Venus is awakened from her retrograde sleep and goes on her way through your Seventh house of Relationships. If you've dealt with uncertainty in the relational area in the past period whether it was love or the Company, now you get clarity.
The Full Moon on Valentine's Day brings your life to flourish . A lucky day full of career opportunities !
If you take exams on 20 or 21 February the chance to succeed with flying colors will be high.
On Sunday, February 23, the Sun in Pisces merges with Neptune in Pisces in your Ninth House of Travel. A perfect day to spend with friends on the water or how about a nice walk on the beach ?
On February 24, Venus reaches out her hand to Saturn in the Fifth House of Love and Creativity, making it a beautiful day for romance and creative expressions.
If Valentine's Day has not been what yo’d would wish for, February 14th is the day for rematch !
Caution is advised on Tuesday, February 25. Due to the position of Jupiter it is not a good day to sign contracts or to schedule meetings. You may have to deal with mechanical problems and itineraries that go wrong .
On the last day of the month, you will have more luck in this area, when Jupiter makes a nice feature!
End of December 2013 your planet Venus was retrograde in your Ninth House of Travel and Study. Perhaps there were travel plans or a form of spiritual belief or transformation. Maybe you have a book to rewrite or revise. Perhaps you have decided to go back to the classroom. At least you have done research in preparation for these times.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, February 25 and 26 provides a connection of Venus with Saturn an atmosphere for romance and cooperation especially in the field of publishing, travel, broadcasting, higher education and writing !
Take care on february 26 by a stand of Jupiter and Uranus. That day you can reveal a secret or quarrel with a sibling. You may also have problems with the car or your travel destination. Today don’t sign contracts !
Wait till the last day of the month when you have the Sun to Jupiter laughs . Or better yet , wait until March 1st !
Make sure that you will be accompanied on 27 and 28 February when you travel.


February 2014 is a month of your career and finances.

Your career offers this month stability and security. A job in which you can function properly and in which you are appreciated is of paramount importance. You appreciate that others do their best and when you pronounce your appreciation, do you get that rating too. It will do your career lots of good.

Owning a home or lot is a major theme this month. Good information and a clear head is essential. If you need a loan, do not be too proud to ask. Having cash is very important for you, it entails your protection and balance .
February 2014 brings the nostalgic out of you ! You spend money on vintage clothing and beautiful old things for the home.

The relationship theme this month is strong. It is about love and limits in the relationship. Sometimes you are negative to the other, but also look at your own role in your relationship. Venus gives you positive inspiration to invigorate your love relationship and gives stability to your family.

Within your family and friends are independent possessive types.


There are no major health problems this month. Visit the gym regularly to maintain your weight. Hold on to your good intentions and embrace your training !