Scorpio February 2014 Horoscope

February 2014 starts in a powerful way by the influence of the New Moon which is supported by Uranus in your Sixth House of Work and Health!

The New Moon in Aquarius is in your favor this month providing with a good mood making you excited and confident in everything you do.

Venus continues her journey after her retrograde sleep on February 1 through your Third House of Communication. This influence makes the first week of februari a good week for important papers to sign.
However, from February 6, Mercury will start its first retrograde period this year. From that date to March 1 you are recommended not to sign any contract.
The rest of the month, Mercury retrograde will go backwards through your Fourth House of Home and Hearth, whereby information can be withheld and miscommunication in this field can occur. Preserve important decisions about your home, family or past until March 1. If you are planning a house tour, then it's a good time, but do not connect to any lease or purchase contract to March 1!
On Tuesday February 11 there might be a conflict with the Sun in Aquarius concerning Saturn in Scorpio which may cause problems with some form of housing. Perhaps you have done a request for a house and you might get unfortunate news. It is also possible that your hear bad news from the family.
Also February 19, can be an annoying day when the retrograde Mercury will quarrel with Saturn. It is a day of obligations with respect to housing and family.
Valentine's Day February 14, promises to be a pretty amazing day with the Full Moon in your Tenth House of Career. The support of Mars in your Twelfth House of Secrets and Seclusion makes it possible that you may expect good news about a job on creative or medical field. Maybe in the form of a promotion or a new project. It is also possible that a work agreement is terminated.
If you are dealing with such things or a job didn’t match with your wishes anyway, don’t grieve too long. You know, there may be times when something has to be terminated in order to build something new. With Saturn in your sign you know that all too well ...!
Sunday February 23 is a beautiful day when the Sun in the Water sign Pisces merges with Neptune. The Sun in Pisces is in your Fifth House of Love and with the magical dreamy Neptune means that this is a special day for you. An engagement, a pregnancy or the birth of a creative project are all beautiful things you may expect today.
Venus travels through your Third House of Communication and reaches her hand on February 25 to Saturn in your own sign. A beautiful aspect for communication, writing projects, transport, trips and close family!
On February 26, watch out when Jupiter in your Ninth House of Travel has a conflict with Uranus in your Sixth House of Work. Work and illness may affect your travel plans. Publication of something or the launch of a project can be delayed. Whether you are working at a high school or dance school, today you may be dealing with problems involving projects or employees.
However, March is a great month for love and pleasure, so take that as a consolation when the problems at work you get a little too much.


A nice connection to of Mercury with Saturn in your sign this month brings inspiration, stability and peace of mind in all areas in your life!
Changes in your life are good and less good. It's up to you to examine these changes and to look for any solutions. Let old pain go and work on your new being.

Your working life is motivating, especially where it is about exchanging with others. This month, challenging situations on your path are meant for personal improvements.
There will be an end to the growth of your career. There are new projects that you've started last season and this month they will be continued with the group you're working with. Reviews are being done to make changes and to complete existing projects.
You may be given the opportunity to work from home.


This month and in the course of this year your financial situation will improve due to professional choices. You are aware of certain past errors of judgement and that consciousness now works in your advantage.
The first half of the month is favorable, the second half of the month you have be careful and practical in order not ending up in the economic quicksand.

February is an exciting month for love, with more extreme and expressive romantic expressions!
You are going through a test period in which you will know the power of love. By the cooperating forces of Venus and Pluto you have become more self-confident and more tantalizing.
If you are single you would prefer a foreign mysterious and powerful partner bump into .... even though you know better, you’ll never know!

Don't be so hard on yourself and don’t pull yourself back. This month you will know who your real friends are, also within your family circle.

This month are you more susceptible to infection. Provide the right measures to avoid getting sick. Improve your lifestyle and take your recommended medications on time. Also think of proper nutrition and natural vitamins!
Around February 20 you can experience depressed feelings. Relaxation and physical exercises are very important to get yourself in good shape.