Sagittarius Horoscope February 2014

In January 2014, you may have experienced some unpleasant financial developments, but everything will be put right from Saturday February 1!

Venus, the planet of Love and Money was retrograde in January and goes direct again on january 13. Make sure that in the first week of February you put things right, because on February 6 until March 1, Mercury goes retrograde.
Mercury retrogrades through your Fourth House, the field of House and Hearth, Family and Past, making issues related to these fields unclear. Later in February Mercury will retrograde in your Third House of Communication, which may cause problems with emails, lost papers and misunderstandings. Check everything twice before you go out or deliver work. Make sure you have a plan B if you make travel plans this month.
The New Moon on January 31 also fell in your Third House of Communication and because of the influence of Uranus is a trip with a lover or child possible, it could also be that you are planning to start a creative assignment that has to do with writing, translation work or a book.
Good days are February 3 and 4. If you are presented with a contract that must be signed, do so before February 6 or wait to 1 March. Also, it is better to hold off any major purchases until after March 1, 2014. Agreements made during Mercury's retrograde period will probably be changed or the conditions are not favorable to you or do not meet your expectations.
Be careful if you go on the road on February 8 and do not travel on February 9!
Also, be careful on Tuesday February 11. On that day, the Sun can not get along with Saturn and you can encounter problems along the way, such as bad luck with the car or with other means of transport. You can reveal a secret or quarrel with a sister or brother.
Pay attention to your partner on February 17!
Also Tuesday February 18 is a day with similar aspects, so caution is also then recommended.
With the Full Moon of 14 February in the fire sign Leo it is all about love! The Full Moon takes place in your Ninth House of Travel, the house of your own planet Jupiter. What does a Sagittarius on Valentine's day want for more?
It’s your lucky day!
Your adventurous spirit is running at full speed by the additional support of Mars, so what’s stopping you? Mars is in your Eleventh House of Friendships and that makes it a perfect day to do something fun with friends. The Full Moon also supports your study and writing aspirations, so success is assured.
An excellent day is February 20.
The weekend of February 22 is really such a weekend with a lot of potential. Especially Sunday, when the Sun unites with Neptune in Pisces in your Fourth House. It's hard to predict whether this energy is positive or negative or how it turns out for you. For example, you can find the house of your dreams, or you receive news which is related to your house or you get a phone call from your family about something nice. The magical and dreamy planet Neptune is associated with Pisces, so the news can be anything! Unfortunately, Neptunus also shrouded in mists and illusion, so it can also mean delay or that data is hidden. For the month of March the stars are beneficial for Sagittarius, so the news may actually not be too bad. Wait and see!
Monday February 24 may be a day of good financial news.
Tuesday February 25 your planet Jupiter is in the Eighth House of Resources and that may indicate disagreement about money with your loved one or relationship or child. Perhaps you may be disappointed when you realize you won’t get a bonus of pay rise.
Luckily Jupiter will be until July in this House of (joint) Resources and Transformation, so that your financial windfall will not last too long.
On the last day of February you'd better stay in bed with a good book!

Mars provides this month for an extra support in the relationships with others. New encounters will affect your future.

Mercury retrograde creates tensions in your career. Opinions of your superiors do not lie in line with yours!

Jupiter symbolizes an increase in money. However, the economic situation during february 2014 is a bit iffy. Beware of 11 and 12 February when a job is done or you are required for a loan.
Be careful.


Your optimism and social character is an inspirational factor this month. External factors have a major influence on all relationships, so please pay attention.
Don’t live in the past, forgiveness is a great thing.

Your love life is calmer this month. Not proceed too quickly, there is something to be said!
New challenges in love can be found on travel or with those who travel a lot.

Think of your self-expression in order not to be at odds with yourself.
Health is not a problem. Maybe however slight health problems once in a while. This is inevitable. Take many relaxation and rest. On February 15 you can suffer from your muscle tissue. Drink plenty of water for drainage of waste.