Pisces February 2014 Horoscope

The New Moon in Aquarius on January 31 stimulates your Twelfth House of Peace and Seclusion.
You may be less talkative and prefer to be on yourself working on a creative project.

Venus awakened from her retrograde sleep and continues her journey through your Eleventh House of Friendships. You may have problems with friends who might be dealing with love or with projects that bogged down. Starting from February 1 things will become better to your social calendar and you will be able to straighten out a few things. The Eleventh House is also the House of Technology, so why would you, if you're still single, not trying to find a nice partner over the internet?
The rapid planetary Messenger Mercury travels through your own sign Pisces and that would be good news!
Mercury, however, travels through your Twelfth House, and that’s why your life is a bit slow at this moment.
When Mercury begins from February 6 to March 1 with its first retrograde period of this year, the time has come to review on domestic and business relations to see if what you need and whether they still fit in your life.
However, it is not recommended to make major decisions or change existing plans during this period, just think about it.
Mercury retrograde is a general troubled atmosphere, in which people like to change their minds or wish to move. The energy of Mercury retrograde wants changes, but it's better to stay where you are. Know where you're getting into!
Tuesday February 11 may be a troublesome day. The Sun in Aquarius squares Saturn, study or education plans may fail. There may be delays if you're traveling.
February 14, Valentine's Day is a day to rejoice ! On that day is the Full Moon in Leo is in your Sixth House of Work and Health. With the positive support of Mars in the Eighth House of Shared Resources you may expect a bonus for a work project. A bonus would be very welcome on this special day! It could also be that you get a nice offer with a better salary than that you are used to. It is not the job of your dreams, but it's a welcome change in your life.
It's also possible that you are given a new workstation or a new assistant or colleague.
On Sunday, February 23, the Sun melts together with your ruler Neptune in Pisces ... Divine energy that make dreams come true!
In the last week of February you can enjoy the warm energy of Venus in your Eleventh House of Friendships and Hope when reaches out her hand to Saturn in the Ninth House of Travel and Study. It is possible that you will be admitted to higher education or you make a nice trip with friends!
On February 25, Jupiter in Cancer in your Fifth House of Love and Children can be a little tricky. Money for a creative project can be blocked or there may be a changing situation around a child, a lover or hobby which requires a lot of money or a big expense which changes all your plans.
Fortunately, the month of March promises to be a good month for Pisces, so all the bad luck soon will be forgotten.


Mercury in your sign this month gives you more freedom to keep your life into your own hands and to live according to your own ideals without too much pressure from the outside. There are important developments in the goals in your life, so high time for a change of course according to your ideals.

In your career there will be situations that support your confidence and your philosophy of life. The work comes first and is good in the first half of February thanks to a nice connection of Saturn and Mercury.
After Valentine's Day an end to a job or work project can be expected, in any case there are changes coming.

You can invest money in a new venture. From mid-February can business that you thought it was handled, resurface. You are rewarded for the work you have done.

Your love life looks good thanks to the beautiful connection of Venus! Your dreams may come true. Freedom and responsibility living harmoniously together. You are more realistic and less idealistic than you were before. The influence of Mercury improves your communication within your love life.
You can change this month or move you closer to your loved one or escape isolation. If you are single, encounters bring new perspectives! At the moment you prefer an older or adult-looking partner.

You should get more focus on your family and household tasks. Talk about your worries and problems with the family.

If you feel you are stressed out, it is direct physically affected. A good month to stop a bad habit or to finally take your health seriously.