Libra February 2014 Horoscope

February 2014 is a wonderful month for Libra!

The month begins strongly with the energy of the New Moon in airy Aquarius in your Fifth House of Love and Romance. Uranus donates a warm smile from the Seventh House of Relationships.
What does this mean for Libra?
Love is your thema this month! You could start a matter of the heart with a new chapter or bring new life into your relationship with a stronger commitment towards each other. You may decide to get engaged or maybe think of family expansion! This aspect is the announcer for love and happiness.
A pregnancy or popping the question would be the Crown on your relationship.
Your planet Venus has awakened from her retrograde sleep and continues her way through your Fourth House of Home and Hearth. Since december last year are you are busy with your house, or you're renovating your home or try to sell this or you're working on a new house or you have just moved. Issues related to housing and family take an important place in your life. After February 1, issues related to this matter will get a positive turn.
The first five days of February are wonderful.
Enjoy the positive energy in the first week of February, because Mercury will start its first retrograde period on February 6. Up to March 1, it is not recommended for Libra to make important decisions in the field of Love and Children. During this period you may have to deal with the assessment of a child or maybe an old love may cross your path. In this period you may be inspired by old creative projects, waiting for you to revive.
Be careful on Tuesday 11 February. On that day the Sun quarrels in your Fifth House of Love and Children with Saturn in your Eighth House of Shared Resources. You may be in conflict with your loved one about money or find out that a child may be a huge financial burden for you. Maybe that hobby or leisure activity costs more money than you imagined.
February 14, Valentine's Day is a wonderful day with the Full Moon in fiery Leo which shines in your Ninth House of Hopes and Dreams. Accompanied by the warm support of Mars in your own sign it may be that you want to spend this day together with your friends. A project or individual performance may be born.
Sunday February 23 is a beautiful day! The Sun in Pisces melts that day together with Neptune in Pisces in your Sixth House of Work and Health. If you work in the creative sector this is an extra beautiful day. You may get good news about a project or you get a new employee or colleague. This is just a taste, because the month of March promises to be even more promising in creative fields.
On February 25 and 26 your planet Venus reaches out her hand to Saturn, providing income for your work. You may get the chance to work from home or a family member has good news about money.
If your house is for sale, there may be an offer. Surely it is better to keep it off until March 1, until Mercury goes direct.
On February 25, Jupiter in Cancer in your Tenth House of Career may cause that you have to deal with a dispute with your employer.
No worries Libra, because March 2014 brings you along the best career-aspects! Jupiter is supported by planets that ensure that you get the success and appreciation you deserve.

In 2013 are you engaged in solving problems and issues ... You will see this month the results of your efforts!
Jupiter and Venus bring out the best in you in the field of fashion, sports and popularity! These planetary energy lasts until June!
The first half of the month there is no problem. The second half is what less with a spout to the end of the month.

Your individual need for creativity also occurs in your career and this will help you to find a better balance. The influence of Mercury gives you a wonderful feeling of peace, if you need to focus deep at work.
During the first half of the month is all easy thanks to a favorable planetary operation of Jupiter and Venus from 1st February to 15 February.
There is a new group to work and colleagues. Problems arise related to rules and law. Observe and be practical. Don’t desire feedback, let others listen to what you have to say.

It seems as if the financial situation will never become a better one. February 2014, however, will have a positive economic impact for later this year. You should cut down on your purchases to be able to enjoy what you buy. Ask yourself at each purchase the question "is this a need or necessity? ' This concept helps you to make the distinction.
February is not the month to making economic choices for the longer term.


After February 15, you have to pull out all the stops to keep your relationships stable. Talk to your partner about what is bothering you, talk about your inner desires, illustrate what you really want. Speaking freely is part of this renewed energy.
To your environment you are often an example. What you do often affect others around you. And you should not give the wrong impression or advice?


Mars in your sign is in opposition with Uranus in Aries! This will give a boost to create an inner independence to move forward. With your sense of diplomacy if you are not coming this far with your independent attitude. You will always have a tendency to be concerned and defend, especially where it concerns your family and social life. Your more impulsive behavior because of Mars causes a few surprises around you!

Your health is of the tenth to the fourteenth of februari not so good. You feel tired. it may have to do with colleagues at work. Be aware of what is happening around you.
Take care on the 26th February. You can get flu on 26 February. Drink plenty of water during that period and think of vitamin C.
Take care of yourself. Unwanted and sweet foods you’d better avoid and stop with those nasty cigarettes. For the sake of your health, do it for yourself.