Leo February 2014 Horoscope

The month of February is all about love!

The New Moon on January 31 fell into your Seventh House of Relationships and this New Moon is connected with Uranus in the Ninth House of Travel! What does that mean for Leo?
A very nice aspect that can be a new chapter for you and your loved one, maybe making plans for a vacation. You may decide to bring to your relationship to a deeper level or make even wedding plans!
If you're still single, the New Moon brings you a new partner that has somehow to do with publishing, broadcasting or the travel industry.
Take advantage of the positive Moon energy to the fullest, because from 6 February you can feel as if your love life will be shifted into a lower gear. Mercury is in retrograde until 1 March 2014 in the House of Relationship.
You and your partner can be a little remote and you can be overwhelmed by feelings of doubt. Does the relationship still works for both of you, do we have a good affected arrangement with each other?
Especially on Tuesday 11 February, the Sun is in Aquarius quarrels with Saturn, the planet of obligations and restrictions. Not only you as Leo, but all other characters such as Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius feel this energy.
You can come into conflict about your housing or your sense of tightness, there may be a family obligation that ruins romantic plans. An employer or business partner might criticize you that you take too much free time for yourself for your personal reasons.
Venus retrograde period ended and she continues her path on February in your Sixth House of Health and Work.
If situations at work were confusing or uncertain, this will all be put right. Decorating your workplace or if you want to change something about yourself, another outfit, another lifestyle or undergo a cosmetic or medical procedure. Under the protection of Venus the first week of February would be great do before Mercury goes retrograde on February 6. Otherwise these things better hold off until 1 March.
On Wednesday February 19 there is a similar energy as februari 11, but then it is caused by Mercury challenging Saturn. That day you may feel as if you are being silenced. The Sun is your planetary ruler, so the energy of 11 February will feel stronger for you than February 19.
On Valentine's day, the Moon in your own sign Leo! On that day with the help of Jupiter a deep wish may come true! Mars reaches out to the Sun, a favorable aspect! Communication and transport will be no problem. However, Mercury is retrograde. It is better not to sign official contracts to March 1.
If you really have to sign, please note that the conditions will be different.
Sunday 23 February is an interesting day! The Sun in Pisces unites that day with Neptune in your Eighth House of Finance. It is a bit hard to predict how it will address, as Neptunus can either be a dream as a cheat. Neptunus can be a fog hiding details, but also inspire and soothe. Probably good news today!
On Tuesday February 25 Venus reaches out her hand to Saturn in your Fourth House of Home and Hearth, which may bring you an assignment to work from home. You can also get a job that has to do with real estate or family business.
Wednesday February 25 is the day that Jupiter in Cancer enters your Twelfth House. Under the influence of Uranus you may become sick and any trip can be stressful for you.
The 27th February can be a difficult day, so trust yourself!
Maybe you feel as life is testing you. Until June 2014, that feeling remains and during that period you will find out who your real friends are.


The influence of Venus this month will put pressure on your generosity. It's good to be generous, but don't overdo it, Leo!
Saturn offers you ideas to adjust to your current life style.

This month Mercury will encourage you to an objective look where emotions threaten to get the upper hand!

You are very busy with money matters and February 2014 will offer an economic perspective.
You tend to spend more money this month to clothing, perhaps to compensate feelings of loneliness you sometimes raided.
The planetary influence of Uranus and Mars supports you in the direction of constructive financial decisions. Common sense you will bring luck. Get some advice from financial specialists at the end of the month.

Your partner is more assertive and not as flexible, making you feel having little control over your love life.
By consulting you learn to be more flexible and open-minded. However, don’t always give in to your partner!

Saturn, the planet of obligations and restrictions travels this month in your fourth House, the area of Family. The liabilities will mainly consist of taking care of doing household doing for an older relative, mother or father.
You will need to adjust to changes, so in your family circle you will learn to be flexible too!

February is an exciting month in which you gain many insights. Unfortunately also stress .... try to avoid stressful situations as much as possible.