Gemini February 2014 Horoscope

Was January 2014 a month of financial uncertainty, February will be a relief!

The New Moon in the air sign Aquarius on January 31, is in your fellow air sign! The New Moon fell in the Ninth House of Travel and that makes everything bright and airy for you.
Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius resigns this month in your eleventh House of friendships. How about a a fun trip with friends? It is also possible that you will get some good news about a course or training you follow or want to follow.
On 1 February, Venus immediately continues her journey after its retrograde period through your eighth House of Shared personal Finance and that shows that money is released to fund your dream or the study. If you have applied for a loan you can expect positive news or if you already paying off debts, the end is finally in sight!
As you know, your planet Mercury has its retrograde period this month. Mercury is your planetary ruler and therefore you feel the retrograde influence extra strong. If you have booked a trip between 6 February and 1 March, you may have to deal with delays and unforeseen expenditure. It would perhaps be better to plan your trip after 1 March! If you are on a journey during that period, make sure you leave in good time and check your travel documents up to three times. Always have a back-up plan, if a few things go wrong anyway.
When you study you can find yourself submitting a request again or do things over again.
On Tuesday 11 February, you’d better watch out, because on that day, the Sun squares Saturn. A not so fortunate aspect that takes place in your sixth House of Health and Work. On that day you may become sick at work, on vacation or during your studies. Travel plans may fail, transport cannot meet supply or a publishing house or media project will encounter problems.
Also 19 February is one day to be careful, because then your planet Mercury squares with Saturn. On that day a plan may fail or you may feel if you're being gagged.
February 14, Valentine's Day is a wonderful day for all Gemini!
That day there is a Full Moon in the fire sign Leo and that extra energy makes you happy! The Full Moon takes place in your Third House of Communication so that day will be extra special! Mars in Libra travels through your Fifth House of Love and Romance, smiling at the Full Moon.
You may have a fun day with your partner and children. Beautiful plans for an artistic project? Announcing your engagement might be? It is quite possible that you will get good news today from your family.
On Sunday February 23 the Sun in Pisces melts along with King Neptune in your Tenth House of Career. If you are employed as an artist or have a job that somehow has to do with water or the sea or on the religious or spiritual area, you can expect good tidings. However, be on your guard as Neptunus can also be shrouded in mystery. It is possible that the news you get is not quite what you had hoped for.
On 25 and 26 February a nice connection of Venus and Saturn in your Eighth House of Shared Resources make that money can arise from something that has to do with work. You can think to a bonus or financing of a project.
Pay attention on February 25. The position Jupiter and Uranus is unfavorable and that may suggest disagreement with a friend about money or maybe your lavish lifestyle doesn’t please a friend.
Jupiter shifts on the last day of February to a nice connection with the Sun in your Tenth House of Career, allowing you to make your dreams come true.
March promises to be a month with the best career opportunities and especially when Mercury goes direct again on 1 March you are on the right track!


The power of Uranus and the Sun creates an inner emotional balance, that will be more stable and allowing you to have better control of events.

Your career is dominated by relationships with others and the value of potential contacts. Be patient. The results of your efforts are to be seen in the longer future.

This month money comes your way to make your dream come true.

Your love life is not quite as you would like. Your moral values can lead to conflicts. The bringing of those problems is part of an inevitable phase. Communication is the key.
Adjustments are needed. Don't be afraid to adjusting changes, only then there will be stability in your private life.

This month there are no major shifts waiting for this area. Spend some extra time with your family, you have a lot to catching up to do.

This month you are lower in your energy and that is why it is important that you take adequate rest and relaxation.