Capricorn February 2014 Horoscope

February 2014 is a month not to forget, Capricorn!

Is your head spinning with romantic feelings lately? Venus, the planet of love and beauty has awakened from her retrograde sleep and continues her way on February 1.
Venus is connected to your House of Relationships and your House of Career. You will be given the opportunity to review matters of the heart or realize whether a decision proves to be right or wrong, or if a job or relationship is suitable for you. You may have had the feeling that things were unclear
Am I really sure of my case? What is it what I really want?
After February 1, this uncertainty is over and in these matters will appear a clear focus. With renewed energy you go forward and in relationship and work you’ll be able to make the decisions that are important to you.
The New Moon of January 31 fell in your House of Finance and was supported by Uranus in Aries. A dynamic Moon energy which you may benefit the whole month through.
If you are looking for a house to buy or you want to sell your house, then this is an excellent aspect! You may also be offered a job that is appropriate to your own needs or there will be a new income that will allow you to do the things you want to do.
Maybe this job haste do with real estate or with work you can do from your own home. Maybe this job takes you to another place where you always wanted to be!
In any case, it is recommended that all decisions are made in the first week of February. Mercury starts its first retrograde period on February 6 this year. Until March 1, financial matters are unclear. If you still having to deal with documents during this period or account information, please check everything twice!
Auspicious days are February 4 and 5..
On February 7 you may have a good time in a public place.
Tuesday February 11 can be a difficult day when the Sun in your Second House of Finances quarrels with Saturn in your Eleventh House of Friendships. You may get bad news about money or you don't get the bonus or the salary you expected or you may quarrel with a friend about money.
Valentine's Day February 14 may feel like a warm bath when the Full Moon is that day in your Eighth House of Financial Sources. This Full Moon reaches out her hand to Mars in your Tenth House of Career and that means a bonus or payout of your work or your partner may get a legacy.
On February 15, the Sun radiates its warm rays to Mars in your Tenth House of Career what may be a reference to a pay rise.
Capricorn always works hard and never stops where others quit. So why not enjoy this well-deserved reward now?
Wednesday February 19 is no auspicious day for a performance.
Saturday February 22 is a good day to do some shopping!
Please note that February 23 can be tricky when you have to deal with contracts. This day the Sun melts together with Neptune in your Third House of Communication and Trade. Neptunus can hide things and Mercury is still retrograde. Read everything twice and delay a signature until March 1, if possible. Thing are not what they should be, so be careful.
It is a nice aspect for extra inspiration if you are a writer or poet. Really a day to a book, movie, poem or a imaginative story to write.
Tuesday and Wednesday, February, 25 and 26 are beautiful days for romance! On those days Venus in your own sign Capricorn makes a nice connection to your Eleventh House of Friendships. You can have a magical fun time with your loved one or a romance buds with a close friend.
The foundation of the best romance proves to be in many cases a strong friendship!
On Friday 28 February you'd better take a day off. Up and about the workplace are challenges.
Jupiter in Cancer can be tricky at the end of February, with a partner you can get a difference of opinion about a living situation.
March will generally be better than february and you will be able to reset everything that possibly going wrong.

With Venus and Pluto in your own sign this month get opposition from Jupiter in Cancer. This stand is beneficial for growth of your ambitions and to things your own way in a purposeful manner without pressure from the outside.
Mercury and Neptune make your idealistic making you work twice as hard to reach your goals.
Venus brings out the best in you and allows your to enjoy life next to your responsibilities!

February 2014 is a challenging month and asks you to focus to connection problems on your work. In doing so, watch out for older employees. Follow your intuition and be the peacekeeper. Keep your thoughts in line with the company and lead people who have trouble with cooperating.
Your planet Saturn travels through your Tenth House of Career realizing your career is not as great as it once was.

Investments from many years ago begin to pay off in February 2014.
Invest what you need to maintain your way of life and delay large purchases after the 25th of february.

Your love life this month will be a powerful factor. Watch out for jealousy and reproach!
This month someone older may cross your path or someone from your past.
Love keeps you going when stress of professional problems become too much. Love is a source of motivation and support.
If you're single you make new connections for the future.


You love to be together with your family. Don’t place yourself above them, but be one of them.

Health is very important to you. Around February 10 you can experience stress. Focus on relaxation and rest to keep your health sufficiently stable.
Yoga gives you correct relaxation, donates balance and reduces the effects of stress. Do not take your problems of the work home. Let it go. Before you go to sleep listen to beautiful music.