Cancer February 2014 Horoscope

From a financial point of view February makes a very good start!

The New Moon of January 31, took place in your Eighth House of Shared Sources. Uranus in the Tenth House of Career shows that you can expect a bonus at work or otherwise a legacy from the family or compensation from the Government. If you are looking for a form of financing for your plans, chances are higher to receive this. However, it is recommended to proceed with plans in the first five days of February. Mercury goes retrograde from February 6 to March 1 …
As financially strong as February begins, so less is the outlook for the second half of the month. In mid-February be prepared to be confronted with unexpected costs.
On Tuesday 11 February, the Sun quarrels with Saturn in the Fifth House of Children and Entertainment. You may be in conflict with your loved one about money or a child of hobby prove to be a big expense.
No good news for Valentine's day ... It is recommended to limit your expenses, it's not worth getting yourself unnecessarily in the (credit card) debts.
Mars travels this month through your Fourth House, the field of House and Home, your Family and Past. This month you are involved with work on and around the house, with family entertainment or your mind is on housing and your family.
A planetary influence that which will last until July 2014! If you want to buy or sell a home, you can expect news about that around Valentine's day. On that day, the Full Moon in Leo gives a warm smile to Mars in your Fourth House. Good news or a welcome message! A loan can come through or you get a bid on the house that you want to sell.
It can also point out that you invest your money in a house or you take an option on a house. It can also mean that you will be working from home, or an assigment you can do from home or something that has to do with real estate, construction or family business.
On Saturday february 15 the Sun in Aquarius reaches out his hand to Mars in your Fourth House, which can lead to a doubling of these possibilities
Also in the field of cooperation there is good news to report. Venus in Capricorn is no longer retrograde and that means nothing more than a consolidation of contacts whether in love or business. In order to obtain clarity in love is it might be a good time to asking yourself whether you walk the correct path in your relationship.
On Sunday February 23 the Sun in Pisces melt along with Neptune in the Ninth House of Travel! This dual Water energy calls for a walk on the beach or in the vicinity of water!
On Monday February 24 Venus gives from your Seventh House of Relationship a warm smile to Saturn in the Fifth House of Romance and Entertainment, making it a day for romance and creativity.
If you want a second chance for Valentine's day, today is the day to make a relationship work and to strengthen it!
Tuesday February 25 is a day in which Jupiter doesn’t feel so good in the Third House of Communication and that means delay with transport or mechanics. Better today no signing contracts or taking a trip or meeting plans.
On the last day of the month a nice connection with the Sun and Jupiter makes februari 28 a better day for that meeting or that trip.

With the support of Jupiter in your own sign and Saturn have you a considerable trump card this month!

Due to obligations you take a step back. A step back is needed to allow you yourself to assert.

Make this month no drastic decisions.

A beneficial effect of Neptune gives your love life a boost. You're lucky in love and want to settle down!
Your actions and emotions hit the right note and you will have no problem showing your sensitivity and seductive forces.

Your emotional exchanges are more intense. Try to compensate your moody and emotional outbursts in a constructive manner.
Confusion may occur if you have the feeling to be in a troubled situation.

Give in to the need to escape. It will allow you to relax in a way that will be of a positive influence on your health.