Aries February 2014 Horoscope

You prefer pulling the strings and actually you're a person who wants to do things by yourself.
Your enthusiasm and passion are admirable, but can also be experienced as compelling in a relationship.
The month of February, however, asks you to not always take the lead and to learn give and take within the relationship.
Only when you really are able to work together and to give and take in the right proportion, you are you ready for the new stage in your life.

February 2014 is a month with some setbacks and delays.
This month there will be a project or you will be assigned with a project involving someone who need your help or who you will lead with your vision. Think of it as a test.
A relationship can be terminated or a past relationship can stand in the way, something causes you pain. Stay focused on your goals and don't give up.
Take your time, overcome your impulsiveness and don't rush anything. That is, in addition to cooperation, the great lesson by February 2014.
February starts strongly under the positive influence of the New Moon on 31 January in your ninth House of Travel and Higher thinking. This New Moon energy is cordially supported by Uranus in your own sign! You can expect good new about someone close at heart or a friend or girlfriend makes a grand gesture. With new friends you meet you will build a deep friendship. Chance encounters are a source of happiness and support you to let go of negative feelings.
This energy will take some two weeks! Unfortunately Saturn makes things more difficult, but you know how to handle any setbacks!
As of Thursday 6 February, Mercury the planet of trade, in the sign of Pisces starts its first retrograde period of this year. Up to 1 March things and issues return to you which you thought you put behind you.
Mercury is arriving from Pisces on Valentine's Day February 14th, in the sign Aquarius and from that day you will face problems you previously had with friends. It may have to do with the breakup with a friend or a problem that has not yet been resolved. You can experience problems in the group to which you belong or make the decision to go your own way. You may feel that your future plans are unrealistic and inadequate for your future.
Until March 1, you'd better make no big decisions regarding future plans. During this period you can contact old friends or revive old ideas.
On February 14, Valentine's Day is the Full Moon in the fire sign Leo. Today you're more emotional than usual and you need more attention. You are inspired to create something beautiful.
There may be something come to an end that has to do with children these days.
The Full Moon occurs in your Fifth House of Romance and Self-expression and winks at Mars in your 7th House of Relationships. On this particular day, you can decide to take a love affair to the next level or you may decide to have a child!
It could also be that you decide to break off a relationship in which you feel that it does not fit in your life.
Whatever happens, know that everything has a reason. The breakup of a relationship opens another door for you to meet someone else!
On Wednesday February 19 he Sun enters the sign of Pisces. From that day you will find that you are more to yourself and want to keep the things for yourself. You have less energy, because you think your environment uses your energy.

The New Moon of January 31, brings you new friends! Mercury and Mars this month focus your energy on friends and communication. Saturn sure can be a challenge this month, but any problems are overcome by you.

Saturn, the planet of Karma, restrictions and Responsibility, is this month in your tenth House of Career, making you feel to be curtailed. In this period you’d better stay where you are than throw yourself in a new business adventure.
A month of hard and focused work! Please note all the details that can be seen. You cannot do everything alone! Seek help from friends or colleagues. Cooperation may affect the direction of your career.

This month is not a good financial month. You have to deal with financial pressure or plans for a financial investment causes some stress. Carefully research the details of on the market well before making an investment in the long run. There is money to be made, only if you take your time and do research before you make a purchase. Friends and family can have a negative impact on finances. Don’t make unnecessary debts now.


This month is a good month for love. Especially Valentine's day is the day for romance! If you are single, it is advisable to use all your charms and good features to find a love. The best chances to finding a new love is traveling or in a group.

Improve your relationship with your family and friends by spending more time and activities. It will lead to deepening, surprise and joy!

Your health is generally good, physically and mentally. Your impulsiveness however is not always good for your body. It is recommended that in addition to good hygiene, take adequate rest and a healthy diet. Physical exercises are advisable. Stress does affect your health.
Provide the right balance.