Aquarius February 2014 Horoscope

Say goodbye to the Old ....
Welcome the New!
The universe is on your side, because the New Moon in your sign is the beginning of your personal new year!

The New Moon is supported by your ruler Uranus, making this New Moon extra special for each and every Aquarius!
Venus has woken up from her retrograde sleep and on February 1 she continues her way through your Twelfth House of Secrets and Seclusion. In the past month have you held or things for yourself. You have been busy with a form of spirituality or there was a vague feeling about a love. Now Venus is direct again, you will know exactly how to act!
The first days of February are ideal for a short holiday or a visit to the gym!
Make sure you have things in order in the first week of February. Mercury goes retrograde on February 6. Mercury retrogrades backwards from Pisces back to your own sign, where it will arrive on February 14, on Valentine's Day.
Matters in the areas of Love and Finances will be unclear again. Financial documents related to a loan of mortgage for the house or alimony arrangement may be reassessed. Maybe something come tax documents arrive earlier than you imagined. It is quite possible that you're getting news concerning your ex-partner.
Holiday plans on February 8 and 9 may go wrong.
On February 10 and 11 watch out for gossip and backbiting.
On Tuesday February 11, some things can go wrong when the Sun in your sign Gets quarrels with Saturn in your Tenth House of Career. Something to do with your professional live may discourage you.
Because Saturn travels through your Tenth House for a long period, it may be probable that knowledge has been misused or stolen from you.
Ingenuity and inventiveness are properties that belong to Aquarius, so you will probably find a solution for this.
Valentine's Day February 14, promises to be a beautiful day!
The Full Moon in Leo will be in your Eleventh House of Friends and Cooperation and is warmly supported by Mars. Why wait any longer with that proposal?
You may be going through a difficult time and want to break with a relationship during this period. Sometimes we remain mired in mediocre relationships out of fear or uncertainty. Sometimes you need to make a decision.
You are here for a reason, the universe has plans with you! Everything happens for a reason, put your trust in that!
On Saturday February 15 a beautiful connection of your Sun with Mars brings you you travel jitters.
February 16, provides a connection to Mercury that you will read, write or study!
Not so good days are february 21 and 22.
Sunday February 23 the Sun melts together with Neptune in Pisces in your Second House of Finance, an aspect that indicates a reward or gift, something that you deserve.
Be careful on February 26 when Jupiter in your Sixth House of Health and Work. Jupiter can’t get along with Uranus in your Third House of Communication. This day do not sign a contract or start with something new, because conditions are not in your favor. You can quarrel with a colleague, brother or sister. Be careful when you hit the road. The Third House is also the House of Traffic. Get home safe, or even better, take the day off.
The month of March promises to be a better month, especially financially.


Your planet Uranus loves to provoke and can be quite challenging when it comes to changes in your lifestyle. Uranus also symbolizes all the technological developments and this contributes to improving your life. Convenience, Aquarius! You only have to convince those in your area that want to stick to the old that times have changed and that you've changed also!

The daily routine at work will be more flexible and suitable to your requirements. Technical and practical discipline slide this month to second place.
New concepts offer growth to the group in which you are working. By the end of February there is more unrest in the form of new offers. Keep your ears and eyes wide open, but make no hasty decisions.

This month it looks financially well, Aquarius. It is possible that you want to do a major purchase and February 20 or 21 are suitable days to do so. Yet there seem to be cash flow problems which is troubling you.
Make sure you meet all finical obligations and loans before februari 25. Do not allow money problem slow down your life.

Your life life thrives very well. Your ability to stay cool in any circumstance is in your advantage. This month you are faced with unexpected en emotional situations in your relationship that need a cool approach!
You go to a testing period to find out who your real friends are. If you are single, you may find that unusual and brilliant person, however wait for June with serious plans.

Jupiter will encourage you this month to make yourself useful within your family circle. Show some extra attention to your family and which will be good for you!

You do not worry so much about your health. You tend to think it all comes around. Around February 25 you may face problems with your sight. Take care of yourself especially at the end of the month.
Beware of stress this month.