February 2014

The month of February 2014 will be more quiet than January 2014, it’s a month with not too many major planetary movements.

It will be a month with increased freedom-loving Aquarius energy! Aquarius is the inventor, the rebel, the innovator. Space and freedom, that is the theme of Aquarius!
This month is a reflection of the human need to break free from the straightjacket of rules and regulations. Events are observed from a higher perspective. Human rights, freedom of speech, press freedom, environmental activism, emancipation and integration are hot topics this month.
Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius, state this month on 9 and 10 degrees in Aries.
Venus has woken up from her cosmic retrograde sleep and continues her journey through Capricorn. Marriage, relationships, friendships and social life will be more clearly now. Answers are found and conclusions drawn. Artistic and social matters this month go smoother.
The only snag is Mercury. Our Cosmic Messenger starts its first three weeks period of retrograding this year on the 6th of February. On that day Mercury will be at 3 degrees in Pisces and retrogrades to 18 degrees in Aquarius on 27 February. Mercury retrograde slows us down, but by doing this it gives us an opportunity to catch our breath in these hectic times and tune in to the right direction. It is a time to reflect, evaluate, review, repair, to retrieve. Great opportunity for long-lost friends and acquaintances to bump in to!
Mercury retrograde in Pisces is a time to recharge yourself, to meditate, to dream or to keep a spiritual retreat.
Until the end of February technical failures and delays in traffic may occur. Agreements go wrong and computers may fail. It is recommended that you take the necessary precautions for your car, because the cold air of Aquarius can cause major problems. With Mercury retrograde is not a good time either to start something new or to make large purchases such as cars and electronics. Long term contracts and agreements you’d better not close during this period, these prove be adjusted at a later date. During this period we change our minds more often and we seem to miss details.

On Saturday 1 February Mercury enters the sign of Pisces where it meets King Neptune on its path.
In the next few days is our inspiration and thinking will be at a higher level. The Sun takes Venus at the hand which leads to a hopeful and loving atmosphere.

On 2 February we celebrate Imbolc, the first feast before the Spring Equinox. A magical time of purification and cleansing, a beginning of a new growth phase. Imbolc literally means: in the belly. Just like Mother Nature awakening we feel new life grow deep inside ourselves. Connect to your belly and feel you what you need for inner growth.

Monday February 3, is a day for you to update your records, to pay your bills, doing tax affairs or making financial plans.

Tuesday February 4, may be a day where some stress can occur that has to do with finances, health and (construction) projects.

On Thursday, February 6, Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces. This influence brings, in addition to all the problems and delays on travel and trade area, an elevated form of inspiration and intuitive thinking. King Neptune is ruler of the sign of Pisces and Mercury is in the clouds!

On February 8, Mercury in Pisces comes to an standstill, a magical moment where fine tuning communication and better thinking skills will occur.

From 9 February Mercury retrogrades to the zero point in Pisces, where it arrives in Aquarius on Valentine's day february 14.

Wednesday February 12, is a day that is topped with a Saturn sauce. The Sun in the revolutionary Aquarius is rebellious to the imposing rules of Saturn, making concentration difficult and the feeling of restriction is dominated. A day of nitpicking and bothering, a day of resistance against imposed fines and taxes. A day in which something is pushed through, but actually no one wants to take responsibility nor pay for it. A day where humor is hard to find. Venus tries to please the grumpy Saturn, but her interference is not strong enough to appease the quarrel between the Sun and Saturn.

On Valentine's Day we have a glitter Full Moon in the Fiery Leo ... and that makes many hearts beat faster. This Fire energy is all about Love ! Here's Mother Moon playful, warm-hearted, creative and sometimes a drama queen ...
The Sun in Aquarius gives Mars in Libra a warm smile which flares up romance and passion. With Mercury retrograde there is less talk and more action. All in all, the prevailing Venus energy holds he promise of a heartwarming weekend!
Saturn in Scorpio adds a serious touch to all agility and Mars in Libra ensures that confidence in everything we do is supported .
Throughout the whole weekend, we may rejoice in a positive planetary conjunction of the Sun in Aquarius, retrograde Mercury and Mars in Libra !
A good weekend to think, to perform, to visit old friends, having a good conversation, or just take a break.

Mercury retrograde is on February 19 once again in a square conflict with Saturn in Scorpio. Matters from last Januari having to do with money and work, are once again discussed. It is a day of concentration, study, history, reassessment, consultations with older people, research and reflection. This aspect can feel a bit heavy and only if you don’t force anything and you step on the brake just like Mercury does, positive results can be achieved. However, a final solution will have to wait until March 1 or March 11 and 12, when Mercury meets for the last time Saturn. Let yourself be heard, even without direct results.

On Wednesday, February 19th , the Sun changes the Air sign Aquarius for the intuitive, sensitive Water sign Pisces. Pisces is a sign that want s to feel deeply connected to something that nourishes the soul or spiritual longing.
Now the Sun connects with King Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, the next month will be a good one to write, to speak, (day )dreaming and thinking about a future that fulfill your highest desires.
In addition to intuitive insights and revelations, this period with Chiron in Pisces is a good time for spiritual healing at a soul level taking place.
Beware, for the connection of the Sun to Neptune confusion and illusions can be strengthened. Pay attention to your health. Besides a deep sensitivity there is a great desire to escape from these hectic times.

On February 23, we are once again embraced by the dreamy positive energy of the Water Triangle formed by Neptune in Scorpio, Jupiter in Cancer and the Sun in Pisces. An aspect with a bright and beautiful spiritual charge! Don’t make any unnecessarily major practical decisions now, think about it and brainstorm if you like.
With Venus in Capricorn we rejoice in a pleasant mood. A fantastic planetary position to perform and start creative and artistic projects.

The last week of February is dedicated to the dynamic square formed by Jupiter in Cancer and Uranus in Aries. This square conflict is of longer duration and is part of the vast Grand Cross conflict between Pluto and Uranus, of which the highlight will fall Mid April 2014.
Read more about this in my astrological year forecast from 2014 on this site .

The dynamic link between the retrograde Jupiter in Cancer and Uranus in Aries creates an enormous technical progress, breakthroughs, rebellion, big unexpected surprises and innovation. Further progress can be made in the field of Human Rights, children, environment, minorities and health care.
High expectations for changes, but there is also a great resistance towards changing. Now do not expect any immediate changes, but look forward to what is coming.
Jupiter and Uranus meet in a dynamic square three times during these years. The first time was in August 2013, the second time takes place at his very moment and the third time will be in April 2014 .
Each square aspect suggests a dynamic tension which suggests resolution and breakthrough. This alignment does almost fit seamlessly with the dominant Uranus - Pluto square, which lasts from 2012 to 2015. We live in a dynamic period of tremendous change and degradation and growth in both personal and collective level.
Pluto in Capricorn allows us to break with tradition and let us build a new reality.
Uranus in Aries is the rebel and innovator. All critical changes in the world are a reflection of this long, cyclical pattern of change and reform.

Do you also feel the call for change? Is your life going through unprecedented changes? Are you forced to let go and start again?

At the end of the month, on February 27 Mars makes a lot of noise which leads to an increase in any kind of activity ! You could say that Mars is contributing to the awakening of Mercury.

On February 28, Mercury turns direct again in Aquarius. The forward motion in Aquarius can mean nothing else than : Renewal !
Until the beginning of June the direct Mercury allows us to make progress.
February ends with a pretty positive aspect! The Sun in Pisces lends our Benefactor Jupiter his generous hand.
A beautiful setting with the promise of prosperity in the field of health and finances.
Get started with your plans or goals, whatever they may be!
On March 1, the New Moon will be in Pisces .
This New Moon in Pisces is ideally suited for wishes and dreams for spiritual growth for the coming year. It is the last New Moon before March 21, when the astrological new year begins. The magical time of the Spring Equinox!
Like the dawning of the day, the New Moon in Pisces is a portal to go inside yourself and connect with the Higher self.
This New Moon is more directed inward than the previous ones we've had earlier this year.
Mars, the planet of action and decisiveness will begin its retrograde sleep on March 1, so the energy will be felt inward.

Have a nice month of February !