Virgo December 2015


Virgo December 2014

Your career is less important this Winter. Achieving inner emotional balance even more. The way is inside to lay a solid foundation for later success in the Spring of 2015. December 2014 is an entirely creative and loving month! Add color to your creative flow. You’ll be surprised where it will take you after December 21, 2014.
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Love and Relationships
You love life meanders without too many troubles. In your relationships, however, things will change. Circumstances will determine who is and who is of no importance to your life. You will see that only the strong relationships survive and become stronger. The inferior relationships will dilute and disappear. This process takes place in the next year, but you can already see some developments. Someone comes into your life who is older and who wants to take care of you in return for your friendship and presence. Guard your borders, Virgo.

Home and Family
This month there is a strong focus on family and home. Saturn, Lord of Karma, enters your Home and Family Home on December 24. In the next two and a half years is all about emotional and psychological issues, including processing of old pain from the past.
Due to the presence of Saturn in the House of Family the past will be playing a major role. Nostalgia for the past, memories come back to you in flashbacks or go relive your past. These are things you will experience in those years. During this period it will be a challenge for you to stay in the present. You're going to see the past through different eyes. Memories will never change. In fact, you relive the past, but it will no longer control your present life.

Success and prosperity can be achieved in many ways. In December 2014 your focus is not with your career. Fortunately thanks to Jupiter your work, own business and money issues will proceed as usual. In the first week of December you get the opportunity to end projects and to catch up on work at the office. It may be so that you do not like the work you do, even though you are valued by your colleagues or employees. Your interests lie far beyond your work. Whatever you do for work, add a touch of creativity to it. Within yourself lives a creative heart that never see the light of day. Let that heart radiate this month, Virgo. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve.

From December 24 to December 20, 2017 your financial planet Saturn will travel through your House of Family and Home. Saturn wants financial stability and security for your family. More than ever you are determined to pay off debts. Beware that you are not going to be too conservative with budget allocation. Nothing stays the same and changes are the order of the day. Even a Virgo can’t change this. If you want to make a big financial decision, first of all get some good advice! In the fourth week of December 2014 Venus in Capricorn will be the reason for an unpleasant financial surprise. This event will lead to changes or adjustment.

In the first three weeks of December 2014 your energy level is not high enough to do all the things you want to do. It feels like a Winter sleep. In the first week of December 2014, you could catch a cold and it takes a while before you're on the mend. Your health improves after 21 December 2014. The transit of Saturn on December 24 2014 in your Home and Family shows that the emotional and psychological aspect will be very present in the coming period. That inner journey can affect your health and energy levels, so keep that in mind.

Through the influence of Mars pay close attention when you hit the road in the first week of December 2014. Avoid confrontations and risky activities. Take adequate rest and meditate as much as possible. Leave responsibilities for what they are. You are your own responsibility. It is now about you.