Taurus December 2014


Taurus December 2014

In the last month of 2014 the focus is on regaining the balance in your love life and the role of relationships in your life. There will be big changes in your career. Refer to the year horoscope 2015 to find out more!

Love and Relationships
Saturn has traveled in the past two years through your House of Relationships. During these years you have learned a lot about your relationship. About how you stand in the relationship and what you expect of the other. This test period has not always been easy. It may be that you were unable to find the right partner or soul mate. It may be that someone has disappeared from your life. This also applies to your friends. Even though you had a lot of grief over what happened, it just had to be. It has given you the space to think about the other half in your life. First of all, you have to restore the relationship with yourself. Now you know who you are, you can love your other half. On December 23 Saturn leaves your House of Relationships and returns in the Summer of 2015 for a short while to pick up the last pieces.

Family and Relationships
Especially the first week of December 2014 is gonna be a good one for the family. You feel close to your family and that feeling grows even more in this magical month of December. Jupiter will be traveling in the coming year through your House of Family and promises many positive developments on the home front.

Big changes at work and your goals within reach. From December 5 Mars in Aquarius enters your House of Career. Your career, however, will demand a lot from you. You also get to deal with challenges in the form of people who want to take your place. To secure your workplace secure and image is advisable to make an effort with charity and tolerance.

The Full Moon in Gemini on December 6, 2014 falls in your House of Finance. If you are considering an investment is advisable to gather more information. In the second half of December 2014, it is difficult to get money or to apply for a loan. Make sure you do not exceed your budget this month.
It may be so no room for expenditures in the second half of the month. The thought of this makes you upset, so make sure it does not come to this.

Your health and energy levels are good this month. As of December 22 2014, when the Sun enters the earth sign of Capricorn, you will have all the energy you need to do what you want to do. You are going through a process of personal re birthing. You are going to find the new you in this life. It may be so life gets a bit too much for you this month. Maybe it’s time to be alone, to be on yourself for a while. You need space and time to grow in your process. Take this time.

You love to possess things and keep them close to you. This month you will still be asked to look at what you actually need and do not need anymore. Give it away or sell it, but make sure you do this. Cosmos gives, the Cosmos takes. There is a time to hold on and there is a time of letting go.