Scorpio december 2014


Scorpio December 2014

On December 24, 2014 Saturn will be leaving your own sign, Scorpio. In the last two and a held years, Saturn in Scorpio has taught you life lessons, but it must have felt as if you're carrying the world upon your shoulders. At the end of December 2014 it may feel like a weight will be taken off your shoulders. Make that important decision about yourself before the end of December 2014.
Refer to the year horoscope 2015 to find out more!

Love and Relationships

On December 11th you could meet someone special, thanks to the transit of Venus into Capricorn. The door is wide open to romance. Let the love flow in! From the moment the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn on December 22, you are ready to make a big step in a love relationship. Responsible Saturn disappears from your sign and Mercury, the Sun and Venus will frolic in the lighthearted Sagittarius. The optimistic Jupiter in fiery Leo would like to join the party! You toss off the burden to be dancing with your inner child along with the planetary forces.

Family and Home
December 2014 is a month that will feel much lighter in many respects for you. However, Uranus in Aries continues to cause concern, developments and changes in your family. In the past two years, you learned to be more patience with your family and that is good, considering the home situation. On December 5, 2014 Mars will enter your Home of Family. Feelings could run high. It is also possible that repairs are necessary in the house. And In the first half of December 2014, it is time for a short holiday to remember. The second half is devoted to Christmas and socializing. Because of Saturn, you have become more distant for your family. And that is the last thing you want!

Je career is less important in December 2014, your inner development all the more. Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of your career. In the first week of December 2014 you're in a good work flow for finishing projects at work. In 2015 your career is booming. Your focus is shifted to knowledge gathering, attending lectures, seminars and workshops. You decide to go back to school or take classes. Especially the period from December 18, 2014 is a great time to start a study. At least you long to learn of life!

Financially, things seem to improve until December 21,2014. However, you don’t want to spend more than what’s in your account. Scorpio. For you, no credit cards, because you know in the end you will pay more than you actually did. The Great Benefactor Jupiter goes retrograde on December 8 2014 and that puts a brake on financial matters. There is sufficient income, but can be a delay or there are problems with payment of salary or outstanding invoices. Pay attention to the fine print under a purchase contract. Saturn enters your House of Finances on December 24th of Finance and as you know, Saturn in Sagittarius ushers in a period of financial restructuring and revaluation. Use your savings in a sensible way, for instance a longterm investment. Until October 2017, financially you could be short of cash, but actually you learn to get by with what you have. You realize that you have everything you need. Venus, the planet of money, will be traveling from December 11 through the efficient Capricorn, the sign of Saturn. This energy helps you to be careful in this expensive month. Use all the creative forces to give Christmas a personal touch. That is a lot of fun and worth more than all those expensive gifts!

Even if you feel good, mind your health in December 2014. Improvements to your workplace are beneficial to your health. It is recommended to start this month with a detox diet! Leave alcohol, drugs and cigarettes for what they are. Keep your temple clean!

Spend as much time with your family or with those you love as you can.