Sagittarius December 2014


Sagittarius December 2014

December 2014 is a month to enjoy the fullest. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus in your own sign Sagittarius, this is the time to come out and shine! Especially around December 10, 2014 you will be in the center of warm attention! Of course there are challenges this month, but there are more enjoyable than annoying moments this month! Cosmic forces flow from an inexhaustible source. Whatever happens, your planet Jupiter is on your side! However, if you want to change things, please do so before December 8, 2014!
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Love and Relationships
In December 2014, love is all around you, Sagittarius. In a committed relationship you notice that you are loved with loving attentions. On December 6 the Full Moon in Gemini is in your House of Relationships! This Full Moon is very important to you. The first impression you make with this Full Moon is how the world will see you in the next six months. Someone who is on your mind for a long time will soon come into your life. Let yourself be surprised, Sagittarius. After December 21, 2014 the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn. From that moment a new love opportunities have to do with financial objectives.

Home and Family
From December 5, 2014 Mars travels through your House of Communication. You talk a lot this month! From that date, however, there could be angry words as well with close relatives such as brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts. There may also be a disagreement with neighbors and acquaintances. It is possible that in the lives of these people major developments take place.

In the first half of December 2014 successful career opportunities cross your path thanks to the energetic, confident and independent attitude that you present to the world! After December 23 you seriously start to think about the future. You make plans to achieve your goals, important to see if they are feasible. The time has come to start making decisions. Your career will be clearly silhouetted in the sky and then you see what you have to do. Just before Christmas there will be a change at your work.

Money is important to you. Money gives you warm and security capabilities. In December 2014 income plays a major role. From December 22 2014, a strong financial period begins. Saturn is your planet of money. Saturn enters your own sign on 24 December 2014. You get a different understanding of value in this period of financial prosperity that will continue until October 2017. Especially for the Sagittarius born from 23 till 25 November. In any case, good prospects, Sagittarius. However, no unnecessary spending!

You are in the most pleasant time of the year and that is reflected in your health. The Sun shines in Sagittarius and you shine as well! You have more energy and your health is good. As of December 24, 2014, however, you are entering a period up to 2017 when you need to pay more attention to your health. In the first week of December 2014 you’d better don’t drink too much alcohol to relieve your liver. Better, don’t drink alcohol at all! You can suffer from this month your teeth, hips, joints, knees, back, bones and skin. Get a massage regularly. Go timely to the doctor and ask for a second opinion if you don’t trust something. Watch your weight. You will notice that after December 24, 2014 it will be easier.

Take care from December 4, 2014 when you hit the road or if you have to travel. You may experience problems with transportation. Also, your children or children around you are more at risk in traffic. Make sure you get enough rest this month, because stress is lurking.