Pisces December 2014


Pisces December 2014

During December 2014 your career will play an important role, Pisces. In the past six months you worked together and supported others. This period of preparation was needed to get a clear picture for yourself what fits in your life and what does not. Since November 15, 2014 your planet Neptune is direct again. Like Neptune you want to go ahead! From November 28, 2014, there is more clarity in what you actually want. You have taken control over your life. You know what you want and you now know what to do to experience happiness. In the coming period this power will increase even further.
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Love and Relationships
Planetary energies in your House of Career indicate that in December 2014 love is intertwined with your career. You could meet that special person at work or at a company party. Or maybe when you apply for a job or through business contacts. One way or another love has to do with your career. You're looking for a connection because you so want so much to merge with someone. Often you are in love at first sight. Often you're tempted to throw yourself headlong into a relationship. After Christmas this impulse becomes less. Friends play a big role this month, Pisces.

Family and Home
Full Moon in Gemini on December 6 falls into your House of Family and Home. Your friends and family are the center of your life this month. This full Moon in Gemini will ensure a harmonious and cozy atmosphere in your home and family.

Your career is the most important this month! In December 2014 you make great leaps forward in your career, even if it doesn’t go as fast as you wish. You are on your way and that’s all that matters. On December 11, 2014 Venus enters your House of Cooperation. You love to work together. Colleagues at work or employees in your own business, they are more like family to you! You always want to help and you are inclined to be doing too much yourself. Try to delegate more. Delegating is an art, but you can learn, Pisces. The world is not always as beautiful as you'd like. Stay realistic, Pisces. On December 24, Saturn will enter the House of Career. If you are born from February 18 to February 20 you will notice this shift of energy long before, but for all Pisces career will play a major role. The time has come to go out in the open. You will have to work hard. Your performance will be closely watched.

You are always willing to help charities by actively collect or donate. Especially in December 2014 are you willing to show your best for the world. However, don’t forget your family and friends! In your own world are people too who are in dire need of help.

The transit of Saturn in Sagittarius in your House of Career will have a major impact on your health for the next two and a half years. You tend to swim too quickly through life. Saturn, however, slows you down. You must learn to set priorities, Pisces. Often you allow someone else to go ahead at the expense of yourself. Saturn teaches you to start thinking about yourself first. In December 2014, it is wise to follow a detox diet. Leave drugs and alcohol. Take timely action to stay healthy, Pisces.

You look longingly to the future. You can not wait what's coming in 2015. Look to what you have accomplished in 2014!