Libra December 2014


Libra December 2014

Most planets are on the night side of your chart. Career is less important. Family and your wellbeing come in December 2014 in the first place. You're building inner strength to come out in the Spring of 2015. Think of it as a cosmic hibernation!
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Love and Relationships
In the first week of December 2014 there may be anger and frustration in your committed relationship. You will be challenged and the fight is about who in your relationship who has the final say. All you want is a peaceful relationship, so you will be disappointed in the reaction of your partner. In the course of December, there is still a bit of tension between you. Actually, more of an armed peace. In the Christmas season are you so tired of it all so that you prefer a book on the couch watching a movie instead of entertaining your guests. Mars, your planet of love, will enter your House of Love on December 5. If you're single you long for more than just that comforting shoulder. You want to be with someone who makes you laugh and love. Together celebrating love!

Home and Family
The Full Moon of December 6 makes you longing for happy times gone by. The word 'family' almost automatically encourages thoughts of wonderful memories. It is not so difficult to recall those memories back to the present. You know exactly how happy you were during that trip and family parties. Life can be so short. Invite your family and relive happy times. It's never too late to create new memories. In December 2014 Saturn, Venus and Mercury travel through the House of Communication. Especially in the first half of December 2014 mutual contact will be smoothly. You can organize something fun for a social gathering. The atmosphere changes from December 15, when Uranus and Pluto cross swords. Problems could arise with neighbors or brothers, sisters, uncles or aunts. It is possible that you will be faced to make a choice.

On December 23, 2014 Saturn enters your House of Communication.Thanks to your natural charm this means that you will establish new contacts and commitments that are conducive to the progress of your career. At the end of December 2014 you will see the results. Do not waste precious energy on trivial matters. You go through an internal process in which you build inner strength for the coming Spring. Use this time to adjust your goals, meditate, visualize. If you are emotionally stronger, you can face your busy life again. And it’s getting busier.

Saturn will finally leave your House of Finance on December 23, 2014. Due to Saturn, from October 2012 until now you had to deal with less income. As of December 24 you will notice improvement in your finances. Longterm debt repayments are possible now. Saturn has you put to the test and probably you learned lessons about the true value of property and money. Saturn has taught you to be careful with your earnings. Pluto, your planet of Money supports Saturn. The source of income will come from the family or immediate family ties in the coming years.

You will be a bit under the weather after December 21, 2014 but it is not like it was in January and April 2014. It is time for body and soul. You need so much loving attention now, perhaps a spa, a massage or beautician will do the trick. Allow plenty of time for yourself to alleviate and let go of inner fear. December 2014 is a good month to have a form of therapy that provides insight into yourself and your past, your moods and feelings.

Take it easy in December 2014. Make time for yourself and your family. Being together is beneficial for you. Your home is your safe cave for your Winter sleep.