Leo December 2014


Leo December 2014

You are in a festive mood! You still see life through pink glasses, but as of December 22 2014, there will be a shift to work, health, details and relationships. This is a month in which a tremendous inner growth occurs. That inner growth will be seen and felt in 2015.
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Love and Relationships
Ups and downs in December 2014. It may feel as if you are playing the leading role in a drama series, anything could be happening this month. It is a roller coaster of events that are not always fun, but actually very exciting. Mars enters your House of Relationships on December 5th.
You say that you are different from others and that you are the center of your own universe. With this transit you realize that not everything is about you and that you are part of a larger whole. Similar collaboration is beneficial to your personal growth. However, continue to monitor your limits, Leo.

Family and House
Saturn in Scorpio has traveled through your House of Family and Home. From October 2012 you have experienced a lot of pressure because of family matters. Things weren’t always pleasant, but you learned valuable lessons. Saturn will leave the House of Family and Home on December 24, 2014. The pressure that you felt will lessen. A father or mother or elder person in your family is ready to make peace with oneself and to let go of an existing situation.

As of December 22, 2014 there is work to be done. You want to do the things you've been putting off for a long time, such as accounting and administrative matters. You could be successful if you are looking for a job, because there are plenty of opportunities. That may also be the case, if you consider a career switch. Saturn, your planet of Work enters on December 24 fiery Sagittarius. For you, it feels as if the time has come for a change. The wind has turned to continue on your career path. It may be so that you're working from your home or have a business at home. Maybe you'll find it a bit boring. You want a career that makes you proud and happy. With the New Moon of December 22 there will be a change in your career place. Maybe a collaboration. This magical moment is the right time to come up with something new on the market. Something you can be proud of.

Until December 18, 201, you may count on a sufficient income, but things are going to change after that. You love life to the fullest! This also means that you spend a lot of money to fully enjoy all the beauty that life has to offer, with all its consequences. After December 18, you will change your mind about money. You have to work first to earn it. Venus in Capricorn will help to remind you from December 11, 2014 it. This month you talk with a financial adviser to discuss the possibility of an investment.

Your health is good. As of December 22, 2014 is your focus is shifted to health in general. You make serious plans that are beneficial for your health, such as more rest, a diet or stop that nasty habit. You can suffer from your kidneys and bile, arms, hips, ankles, shoulders and lungs. Breathe love in through your heart.

Do not travel in the first week and weekend of December 2014, rather reschedule to a later date.