Gemini December 2014


Gemini December 2014

In December 2014, the focus is on your career and social life. The Full Moon symbolizes the magic culmination of something in your life, time to make a step forwards. The Full Moon of December 6 is in your own sign, Gemini. An excellent opportunity to bring an idea to action and to end something you no longer want in your life. This Full Moon could be very emotional too. Gemini born from 2 to June 6 feel this Full Moon the strongest.
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Love and Relationships
Especially the first week of December 2014 if favorable for your love life. Jupiter in Leo is in a good mood and that means love is a permanent factor in your life. This month Jupiter goes retrograde. A party or a loving get together should be scheduled in the first week of December 2014. The journey of Saturn in Sagittarius will start on December 24 and that journey has a major influence on your love life and social life. In recent years, your social circle has changed or updated. For the next two years, these friendships are put to the test in order to separate the wheat from the chaff. Actually this process has already started. As of December 11, 2014 Venus enters your House of Intimacy. Sexuality will play a big role from that date. You want nothing more than to share intimacy and coalesce at a soul level.

December 2014 is a month where deep happiness and deep sorrow alternate. This month you will be faced with the theme of death and infinity of life. The time has come to get a deeper insight and understanding of this matter. If you understand the infinity of the soul, you will look at life with different eyes.

This year you have learned a lot about yourself and the work you do. In December 2014, the focus is on your career and your place you occupy in the outside world. Maybe you do not prefer to play an active role in the outside world. However, feedback and cooperation is important in achieving your goals. Like no other you know how to control the world with your natural communication skills. Maybe there are circumstances that you prefer to be in the inside world at this moment. Embrace this process and try to adapt. Maybe it's the calm before the storm. In the coming months, changes are coming. Changes that will bring you in the outside world.

December 2014 is a good month to map out your finances. Also a good month for a cleanup. You have gathered so much paperwork! Think about all those magazines and leaflets that are stacked to be read! It will take so much time and attention to do that and you don’t have the time! So why would you allow to grow this pile even higher? Much of what you saved is already old news. Your husband, wife, lover or partner may have more finances available in the second half of December 2014. This windfall might be shared with you. In the first week and fourth week of December 2014 there will be more money. This month financial issues will be cleared up. Finally you get clarity on what you could expect.

Your health could be rocking until 22 December 2014. More rest and relaxation are important to stay healthy. From the moment Saturn enters Sagittarius on December 24 the health theme will play a major role in your life. Gemini born from May 21 notice this shift the strongest. It may be so that you need to pay more attention to your health.

You find yourself in a period in which love and your social life is growing. You're more popular than you realize! You think of others first than yourself and that is appreciated. However, do not forget yourself. Enjoy this warm blanket, enjoy this moment.