Caner December 2014


Cancer December 2014

December 2014 is all about love and friendships. Your career will make a good start next year. Refer to the year horoscope 2015 to find out more!

Love and Relationships
Later this month you want to take a relationship to a higher level. Perhaps you hear wedding bells ringing. As of December 22 the Sun is in your House of Relationships. On December 24 Saturn finally leaves your House of Love and Attraction. After two and a half years, this is a big shift! During those years Saturn learned you how to love yourself and be proud of who you really are. Your integrity has grown and you have become more serious. You are no longer dependent on the love of someone else, During the next two and a half years you are more focused on a love that contributes to your life. You give your love and you also want love in return! No more adventures for you, but a permanent and serious relationship. Health will play a major role as well. You can meet a new love at work, wellness center, at the doctor or physiotherapist. In the second week of December 2014 there may be trouble in your relationship because of the struggle between Pluto and Uranus. Fortunately, there are friends around to lend you a listening ear.

Home and Family
December 2014 is a month to pay more attention to the family. The time has come to shift your focus to togetherness. If your family is happy, you share in that same happiness as well. December 2014 is not a month to try to change undesirable things in the family or by force. The planetary battle between Pluto and Uranus may cause tension in family relationships especially on and around December 15, probably because of a money issue. For now, leave it the way things are. Your time and the time to change things is soon to come. The first weekend of December 2014 is best suited to do the chores that were forgotten. The second week of December is best suited to rearrange the house.

Business partnerships this month are the most constructive, but not always pleasant. Cooperation should lead to success this month, but the struggle between Pluto and Uranus is fought in your House of Relationships and your House of Career. The swords will be crossed in the office. As of December 21 Venus is happy to intervene and tranquility will return from that moment. In the fourth week of December 2014, it is possible that you will be offered a new position at work. It's something you've been waiting for. At the end of 2014, it will be the icing on the cake!

December 2014 is a prosperous financial month. Until December 21, 2014 the Sun in Sagittarius smiles at Venus and Jupiter and that means good news! A prosperous financial period to invest or try your luck in a lottery. The only problem is that you tend to spend too much money with this transit. On December 22, 2014 the Sun moves into Capricorn. From that moment you become serious and forwarding. This period is appropriate to invest and save for the future. You know that profit is not obvious if you do not take action now. It may be so that you are impatient and want to see results as soon as possible. It may be that you prefer not to look at the future at all. You're alive and you want to make the best of it! The fact remains that you end up in this planetary flow and it is good to let yourself carry in that flow.

Pay more attention to your health after 21 December 2014. There is no need to complain, but small planetary jabs are the reason that you don’t feel very well in December 2014. Make sure you get plenty of rest during this hectic month. Do not work so long and listen to your body. Note the signals, otherwise you collapse at Christmas. Also pay attention to your diet in December 2014. You tend to overeat and drink. Perhaps to fill a void? There are much better ways to do the trick!

You want to be with people who are close to your heart. With heart and soul you want to work towards a common goal with others. That does not just happen just like that, it's something you have to learn. Listen to yourself and to what the universe tries to tell you.