Virgo August 2014


Virgo August 2014

The theme for August 2014 is: Know what you say, how do you say it and when do you say it. On August 24, the Sun enters your sign. The fiery Leo and exuberant energy turns into a quiet, cautious and practical Virgo energy. With the New Moon in Virgo on August 25 you learn how you can find yourself back, inside and out. You want to make changes within yourself, but also to the temple that bears your soul.

The second part of August, is an unpredictably period. Venus, the planet of Love and ruler of your House of Relationships will be traveling through your Twelfth House of the Subconscious. You may be confronted with disappointment and loneliness, but it can also mean a secret love that you cherish. You may fall in love with a colleague, but you actually know in advance that it is an impossible love. Around 18 August, there are misunderstandings with your partner. With a loving approach you manage to find your way back again.

The first half of August is dedicated to socializing. At the end of the month, an outdoor activity will be organized for family and friends. Do not respond so directly and keep critical comments to yourself. You don’t like that either. Again: Know what you say, how you say it and when you say it. A friend can play the role of mediator if there is a problem within the family or relationship.

The first half of August is calm and is intended as calm before the storm. A time for planning in advance and prepare for the things to come. There are work related meetings, such as conferences, shows or group discussions. At the beginning of the month, you have to deal with gossip and criticism about the work. Mercury and Pluto are traveling together through your Twelfth House of the Subconscious. Collaboration and working together is not your thing in this period, actually you prefer to work for yourself, at your own pace without too much fuss. This period smooths the path to the next stage, which is cooperation. More action is to be expected in the second half of the month. A lot of energy goes into communication processes, exchanges, trips and maintaining contacts.

Financially, August is a month of obstacles and opposition, but you get covert help from an unexpected source. At the beginning and at the end of August you would like to help someone financially, a lover, a friend or a colleague. It is possible that you do not have enough money for yourself. It is better now to take care of a nest egg. Ask an older person for some good advice.

In August 2014 you need plenty of rest. In the first part of August your energy is decreased, a period in which you prefer to take it easy. Use this time for meditation, reading, creative arts and working for yourself. Don’t ask too much of yourself.
Your condition improves in the second half of August with an extension to the end of the month.

Be careful if you are on the road and in your home. At the end of the month, it’s advisable to go on a little vacation.