Taurus August 2014


Taurus August 2014

August 12, your planet Venus enters the Fire sign Leo. In August, the need for security and privacy is more important than success and ambition. It promises to be a good month, however relationships require attention.

A cautious approach is required this month. Not the best month to start a relationship. There is a lot of resistance and opposition, or the relationship will have to deal with adversity at a later stage. If you're already embroiled in an unhappy relationship, August is the month to make a decision.
Mars and Saturn are together in your House of Relationships and that can be stressful to your relationship, even if you love each other very much. It may entail a rigid attitude, conflicts and other unpleasant situations. These unpleasant situations do not have to disturb your relationship in the first place, but it point out the sore issues that must be solved. Your partner or a friend can also be faced with tough times this month and your support is needed. All this will only strengthen your relationship.

You have to deal with a relationship, family or friends. On the weekend of August 8 and August 18 you may have to deal with an angry mood at home, unruly children and partner. In the course of the month solutions will be found to deal with those matters. The solution is listening, negotiation and compromising. Don’t be angry. After 21 August, it is time to relax. The Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury will be traveling through your Fourth House of Family. These planets focus on the family and family. Perhaps a long walk, camping or a party together with friends?

It is not always easy to reconcile career and private, but eventually you succeed and that deserves recognition! This month there are people around you who you are helpful in your career. These are people with great ideas for the future. Listen carefully and look at all the possibilities that are offered. If it's something for you, go for it. In the second half of the month, you will get recognition and you can expect a party at work. Cooperation, contracts and business relationships are paramount this month, but can also be a source of concern, conflict and rivalry. Contracts and agreements require time, attention and a good approach.

August 2014 is a good month regarding your finances. Especially in areas such as real estate, houses, monumental heritage, buildings and land. Renovating, decorating of buildings and houses or purchase of durable goods as well. You can count on financial and social support from your family, parents or partner in everything you do.

Generally your health will improve in August 2014 and as the month passes you have more energy to do things. A good month to get in shape in the garden of Mother Nature. Stay away from conflict this month.

Your house deserves a makeover!