Sagittarius August 2014


Sagittarius August 2014

August 2014 promises to be a prosperous and dynamic month. With the planetary power of Mercury, Venus and the Sun in Leo, you will get the energy and strength to do what you want and go wherever you want! It will bring you back to the places where you were happy as a child.

You will get to hear some news that has to do with abroad or you will go on a trip yourself. The theme `distance' will play a major role in relationships due to Mercury and Venus this month. It may be about someone who lives in another city or country, or someone from abroad you know over the internet or maybe someone you met during a trip abroad. Love expands horizons and all areas, whether geological, cultural or spiritual. You want to be together with someone to explore the world and building a relationship together. And if there was a problem, in the last week of August you will get the chance to apologize to your loved one to make amends.

The second half of August brings you wonderful moments with your family. August 13 is a beautiful day to spend with family and friends The second weekend of August is a good opportunity for having a family reunion. A good time to listen to stories of the past. You can definitely learn from them.

With your personal planet Jupiter in the Tenth House until August 2015, big changes are in the pipeline. Think of a followup of a study, traveling abroad, scientific or cultural research or another career in the travel industry or in the in-or export business.
The month of August makes a good start. You are the center of attention, you are listened to and that is good for your self confidence. You finally get the appreciation you so deserve.
The New Moon of August 25 is in your House of Career. A better position may be offered or you get the opportunity to improve your position. You've done your best all the time, now is the time to reap the fruits of your efforts. In any case, you get busier at work.

The month of August is not prosperous month. It is advised to exercise caution, because you may have to deal with obstacles, delay and loss.

Unfortunately, the position of Mars, Saturn and Venus, planet of your health, is not so good. Therefore take care of yourself and do not eat and drink too much. Someone is trying to pull your leg. An accident lies in a small corner, so watch your back this month.

At the end of the month you have to be careful on the road. Make sure you stay calm, because anger on the road only leads to more accidents. Perhaps a break, Sagittarius?