Pisces August 2014


Pisces August 2014

With the advent of the Sun on August 24 in your opposite sign of Virgo you know exactly what features you need to integrate to reach wholeness. Relationships and health are important themes this month. August is a heartwarming and stimulating month in which you will have the opportunity to make the right choices.

In the first part of August 2014 Venus, the planet of Love travels through your House of Love and Passion. Her journey through your House of Love gives you romance, passion and sense of adventure and love!
The second part of August is of a subdued nature. The New Moon of August 25 is in your House of Relationships. You have found the balance and tranquility to build a committed relationship. You're struggling to combine work and private. Your job requires a lot of attention and it is sometimes difficult to make the right choices. Why would you keep fighting? The planetary forces of Saturn and Venus show that saying sorry does not always have to be the hardest word.

With the New Moon of August 25, you will notice that under the influence of Mercury and Saturn it is difficult to keep your mouth. You want to tell someone how you feel. Pay attention to what you say and how you say it, otherwise a situation gets out of hand and that's the last thing you want. At the end of August, you are challenged by family or friends, so you focus lies on internal problems at home. You find the strength to find the solution to restore the relationship with the family.

August 2014 offers unprecedented opportunities for developing your career. You get unexpected opportunities and the creative freedom to do what you want, so grab that opportunity! You have the opportunity to catch up with all the work and show your talents. At work, the atmosphere is pleasant and the cooperation with colleagues or employees is good and relaxed. August 2014 is a month to combine the unpleasant associations with pleasure. Especially in the second half of the month the cooperation and division of labor runs as never before. You will be appreciated for who you are and what you do. There's someone in the workplace that fosters feelings for you.

Please watch your spending this month. It is advisable not to spend more than you have. It is better to cut your credit card in half. In the second half of August you will get the reward for your efforts.

August 2014 is a good month to pay attention to yourself and your condition. Your Home of Health is visited by the Sun, Mercury and Venus, so health comes first. It is the month par excellence for a checkup or to begin with a diet or stop that nasty habit. If you work in the medical field, you can come up with solutions or there are medical solutions found. Also a great month for wellness and a makeover!

It is high time for changes in your lifestyle! Leave those temptations for what they are.