Libra August 2014


Libra August 2014

Your planet Venus occurs on August 13, 2014 in the fire sign Leo. With this energy Venus is strong and full of confidence. Take advantage with this positive energy this month! Love, romance and your social life are the important themes this month. Life is wonderful!

This month, the power of Venus shows you what is worth in life! On August 10, the Full Moon is in your House of Love. Love finds its way to you, naturally. You have an admirer who does everything to get your attention. If you are already in a relationship it is better to ignore, but if you're single you can take a chance. The first part of August, focuses on the interaction between relationship and career. The second half of August is more outward looking. A period in which you participate in group activities in which you meet that special person around August 23!

In the first week of August a disagreement with friends can lead to an altercation. Mars and Saturn are both in Scorpio and this energy makes you a little lonely. Family or friends go their own way and a relationship is not as you had hoped. Do not worry and be patient. From August 13 Venus travels through the sign of Leo, which means fun for you and your family. Maybe time for a summer party? Not everything has to come from your side, so be sure to check whether your family wants to contribute. It increases the fun!

A bit laborious and boring start, but successful and prosperous days are to be expected at the end of the first week of August. In the second week of August you are called on your collegiality. Something is greatly appreciated. Business decisions are influenced by feelings or the appeal of popular people in a position of influence. The rest of the month looks promising! Everything you do is appreciated and well received. August 2014 is a month with warm attention, cooperation and support it in all your endeavors. Cooperation and team spirit are important in August for Libra. You can take the lead and there are new projects and ideas coming from your hand.

In the month of August finances play a major role, for you and for your partner. There may be complications and misunderstandings or conflicts regarding to money matters. There are also strong indications that a problem is going to be resolved for itself. The solution comes from your actions or your partner or colleague.

You are mentally and physically in good shape. You have a lot of energy and you are good humored. With your optimism you're the center of attention!
In the second half of August you have to guard healthy boundaries.

The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are beneficial to your House of Friendships, take is to your advantage. You are appreciated and that compliment is well deserved!