Leo August 2014


Leo August 2014


The first half of August is dominated by your social status and prestige and in the second half the focus lie on personal happiness, social activities, popularity and money. Until August 23 2014, the Sun is in your own sign, Leo. It's your time to shine! The Full Moon of August 10 is the highlight for you. On this day, almost anything is possible!

Last month Jupiter entered your own sign Leo, where it will stay until August 2015. The Great Benefactor Jupiter brings you in the coming year, optimism, enthusiasm, opportunities and renewed energy! Jupiter is the ruler of your House of Love, so next year will be a year of passion, love, sex and adventure! Jupiter is accompanied by the Sun and Mercury, bringing extra vitality, playfulness and cheerfulness! The Full Moon of August 10 can bring a new solid love relationship on your path. The best time begins as from August 13 Venus, the planet of love, joins the revelry in your sign! Her entry preludes a period of sensuality, happiness and love.

At the beginning of this month there may be stressful situations that have to do with family circumstances, parents, housing and home.There may be a difference of opinion that has to do with your career and spare time for your friends, family and relatives. With your warm personality and charm, you know to make a wise decision. Around August 8 you may be disappointed by a friend who turns out to be different than you thought. In the third week of August, you and your partner are busy with the decor of your home. You have the time of your life and perhaps you would like to have a little vacation!

The last time when Jupiter was in your sign was from August 2002 to August 2003. A transit of Jupiter has a salutary and auspicious influence. After 12 years, Jupiter visits Leo again until August 11, 2015! Doors are opened to happiness. Opportunities come your way. You just have to grab those opportunities. Good career days this month are in the first week. Contracts are signed dealing with a house and you can move or travel. In the last week of the month, you'll be busy at work. The New Moon of August 25 puts the focus on the things that are important to you. Cooperation will not be easy, but your charming input makes the day.

August 2014 is from a financial perspective, not a great month. The mystical planet Neptune travels through your House of Shared Finances, causing problems and misunderstandings to arise in the area of loans, alimony, mortgages and inheritances. Don’t sign anything until you've read all the small print. The New Moon of August 25 brings a logical approach, making financial mistakes to be prevented. Listen to good advice and take it to heart.

You are in an excellent condition in August. You have a lot of energy, you are unstoppable and you have a great sense of humor. It is possible that you will bite off more than you can chew. In the last week of August, you should take it easy.

Do not exaggerate! Modesty suits you, even you, Leo.