Gemini August 2014


Gemini August 2014


This month, your planet Mercury rushes through the sign of Leo and Virgo. Therefore, August 2014 is a dynamic month of trips and meetings. Communication is all that matters. With this power you can expect a lot of change in your life. The first half of the month is an energetic, challenging and busy period due to the contribution of Uranus. Life takes you all the way! In the second half of life is a lot more pleasant.

Your House of Communications is visited this month by your own planet Mercury and Venus, the planet of Love. Romance reigns! You are charming and convincing, so that everyone loves you. You remain honest in your intentions without taking advantage of the vulnerability of the other. In the second half of August there will be happiness and love to share. Communication is the unifying factor in any kind of relationship. You also know how to make painful aspects negotiable. You feel intellectually attracted to others who share your ideas, conversations, messages and opinions. You have something endearing about you this month and you know to conquer many hearts, including that special someone.


August 13, Jupiter will join Venus in your House of Communication. If there is an unpleasant situation in the family, it can be solved through diplomatic channels around August 18. Perhaps a pleasure trip in your new car?

August is a busy en dynamic month, a lot is happening. You will be on your way or busy with your work. With your persuasion skills you achieve a lot. August 2014 is really not a good month with regard to your career. You simply can not cope with stress and this month there is a lot of buzzes at work. The pressure can sometimes be too high. In the first week of August, there may be bad news. In the third week of August you can be held accountable. In the last week of August, you may be embarrassed by colleagues or there are internal changes at the office you do not like. You will find the strength to face the biggest problems with humour and optimism.

Your Second Home of Personal Finance is visited by Jupiter, so in the first half of the month you have the opportunity to resolve overdue payments and even save a little! The first week of August is going well and you can receive news about a longterm investment. In the second half of the month, there will be more money and you can look at your bank balance with a happy heart.

You excellent mood has a good effect on your health. August 2014 is a month of challenges. Mars and Saturn are together in your House of Health and that can undermine your health if you go over your limits. When your energy runs out, you become overtired and stressed. You become more prone to sickness or accidents. Be careful. Especially at the end of the month.

It is recommended to properly classify your work to allow sufficient time to relax. How about a little vacation?