Capricorn August 2014


Capricorn August 2014

The first three weeks of the month August 2014 will not be the easiest ones, but from August 24 there will be change. The Sun shifts that day out of the Fire energy of Leo to the Earth sign Virgo. You instantly recognize that energy, you are familiar with it. The New Moon in Virgo on August 25, gets you in touch with your inner strength and stamina to achieve something constructive.

The first part of August 2014 is an outward energy that offers many romantic opportunities! The visit of Venus in your House of Relationships brings your sensitivity, harmony, fulfillment and happiness in love. You have a need for warm attention and you get it! With your magnetic attraction you know how to warm many hearts. Instinctively you feel what the other needs and know how to respond to those desires. A solid relationship becomes more passionate. The single Capricorn desires to be together and to build up something beautiful.
In the second half of August, the energy inward, more subtle and subdued. Seal your love with a romantic trip this month!
August 2014 is a month to take it easy. How about a nice vacation? Jupiter in Leo, Mercury and the Sun want to take you on a journey to places in the world where you've never been before. The second week of August is a good time for you and your family to take a trip, but soon you wish to go home. During the trip you may have gained inspiration for redesigning the house.

August 2014 is an active month for Capricorn. You have business ideas or want to invest money in a profitable business idea. In general, business success of August 2014 depends on cooperation in the broadest sense of the word, your own relationship or marriage or business partnerships. The group theme continues play a major role in the future. Consider participation in organizations, shared projects and reunions, in which you will play the leading role.

In the financial area, August is a month in which many things will happen. The Full Moon of August 10 will bring a significant financial development, think of an innovative plan for your own business. You make a lasting purchase or investment. You get a loan or you get some good advice about your new business. There is money coming from gifts or other benefits. The cash flow and business success come from the influence of parents, guardians or partner. Better this month no business with friends.

Do not go over your limits in the first half of August 2014. The Sun and your ruler planet Saturn are both in your House of Health this month. Vitality is thus less and you are more prone to stress. Besides stress, the conjunction of Mars and Saturn can lead to carelessness, irritability and accidents. Especially in the first week of August you have to be careful. When traveling you may get ill and it may take a while before you return to work.

Don’t jump to conclusions, Capricorn. The New Moon on August 25 will give you the inspiration to do something spontaneous. Follow your intuition and follow your heart.