Cancer August 2014


Cancer August 2014

The Great Benefactor Jupiter has left your sign and is now in Leo. For Cancer begins for a whole new chapter. August 2014 is exciting, intense and full of new opportunities, but also difficulties. The New Moon of August 25, 2014 shows the start of brandnew social conditions.

The red planet Mars is traveling this month through your House of Relationships. An exciting time when you feel that things are about to happen! If you have someone on your mind you may expect developments this month. Keep your head clear, for that exciting person does have a dangerous side, and you feel it. Cancer in a fixed relationship can look forward to a month of passion and intimacy. Jupiter has left your sign last month. High expectations that you had a relationship, are adjusted. In the first half of the month, Venus, the planet of love, travels through your own sign. Venus gives you that special appeal and good mood so everything goes better in your relationship, marriage and all forms of cooperation and togetherness. The second half of August will be intense and restless, when Venus in Leo and Mars, the planet of Conflicts will meet the rigid planet Saturn in your House of Relationships.

The influence of Venus in your sign brings the best opportunities in the first half of the month to be together with your family. In the second half of the month Mars and Saturn cause frictions between you and your family. Also you have to be careful at the end of the month when preparing meals, you would get burned.

August 2014 is the gateway to changes in your career. There are new forms of cooperation and contracts. You are working on a project and in the first week of August you have the energy to finish these. In the second week of August you can be confronted and criticized at work on a project of your hand. The third week starts promising, but during the week you are confronted with personal gossip. In the last week of August, you know to save your reputation and you may get that appreciation from your boss. Perhaps there is a promotion in the air. To close this month unscathed, it is advisable to take some time off at the end of August.

Jupiter is in Leo in the coming year and has entered your house of Finance, where it will stay for a year. A year of prosperity. Till August 11, 2015 Jupiter in your house of Finances will be accompanied by the Sun, Mercury and Venus. That means more revenue or tapping new sources of funding, getting grants or other benefits. On August 10, the Full Moon is in your house of Finance too, making you want to spend more money. Your partner wants, however, to save money or spend it wisely. Indeed, there are still bills that have to be paid first In the first week of August. The energy of Uranus is urging you to take matters into their own hands, for instance by starting your own businesses. You can do it! In the second half of August there will be more financial space, but don’t spend your money unwisely.

In August 2014 you will be challenged to push your limits. A special training program can lead to big results. As long you stick to the schedule and do not go over your limits. If you are soon faced with a physical challenge, it is good to take very good care of yourself.

No financial adventure this month. In everything what you do: moderation is the word.