Aries August 2014


Aries August 2014

After eight long months, your planet Mars has left leave your House of Relationships and that may feel like a true relief for you. The power of the Sun in the fire sign Leo and the Full Moon of August 10, help you to endure the heaviest storms.

This month, the Sun and Mercury are in your House of Love. If you have a steady relationship, it deepens. If you're single you can meet the love of your life. Be aware, because things are not always what they seem to be. Jupiter accompanies the Sun, Mercury and Venus in the first three weeks of August. The House of Love and passion will flourish, especially on August 12 and 13! You long to remain in that loving holiday mood, but again, it's not always what it seems. Do not forget your friends this month and visit them regularly to do some catching up. You will need them hard enough.

On August 13, Venus enters the fire sign Leo and here she finds Jupiter on her way. This planetary presence in your House of Love guarantees a good time for family gatherings, children, joint vacations and social activities in the second half of August. Especially in the third week of August you will play the leading role. Follow your intuition, make plans and stay positive! If you do so, nothing can go wrong!

The first week of August 2014 promises to be a successful week for Aries. You are challenged by your superiors to finish projects. In the third week of August, a project is completed successfully at work and you get that deserved reward. Mars finds Saturn on his journey through the House of Finance. August 2014 is an ambitious month in which your focus lies on your career goals and finance. You're determined to make a success of it. Don’t be hasty, strategy and a diplomatic attitude are the keys to success. Make that change and start with those new ideas on your mind.

Since the end of July 2014 Mars is in the Water sign Scorpio. The first half of August is financially not a good period. Especially at the beginning of the month is less income. You've worked hard and you would love to do something with your hard-earned money, but it is not recommended to put yourself in a risky adventure such as gambling and financial investments, a loan or an investment. Think very carefully, earning money in a quick and easy way is not the stars. First of all, debts have to be paid off. Follow the safe road this month. At the end of the month there will be unforeseen costs. Make sure you get a good financial planning.

You are in good health and has a lot of energy. The influence of Jupiter in Leo provides strength and perseverance. However be careful this month, due to Mars and Saturn you are prone to accidents, burns and other risks.

August 2014 is like a new beginning for you, Aries. A removal, new career, new projects or perhaps a renewed you. Don’t forget, teamwork will be the key to all those changes.