Aquarius August 2014


Aquarius August 2014

The first week of August 2014 is not so great for Aquarius. Especially in the first weekend of August, it feels like you are stuck. You don’t like the dominant fire atmosphere of Leo, but the Full Moon of August 10 in your sign Aquarius brings you all in connection with your inner strength. You will come to know why you felt so powerless.

Jupiter entered your House of Relationships last month and will stay there until August 2015! Your House of Relationships is visited by the Sun, Mercury and Venus, the planet of Love. The Sun radiates warm energy on relationships and makes you attractive! Mercury promotes communication and wants to discover! Venus stands for love. What else would you like? The only problem is Saturn. Saturn inhibits this energy, making you feel as if there is no progress, Do not worry, as of August 10 everything should be all right.

In a month of stress you have a need for understanding and harmony of those who are dear to you. Bringing them together and being with your loved ones is the key to embrace life to the fullest this month.

You don’t have to be bored in august 2014, Aquarius. An ambitious and inspiring month, which awakes the militant in you. In the first week of August there is a meeting where you get a lot of information and thus you get inspired. You're on some kind of collision course and would you like to have your way. You do not listen to your boss, authorities or colleagues and you will be challenged in what you say. In the last week of August you are forced to make drastic decisions to have your way. Fortunately, there are people around you that you can count on. Good relationships will play a vital role this month, whether in your career or in the financial field.

The second half of August 2014, finances are more prosperous than the first half. With the New Moon of August 25 a new phase of your finances, work and private life begins for you. Be careful though, Aquarius, because the decisions you now make, have a major impact on you and your family.

You're under pressure and you're burdened with responsibilities. Due to stress your inner balance is out of balance. The Full Moon of August 10 shows you that things need to be changed. Stop that bad habit, you'll know what that means.

Go out to make new friends! Have fun, but watch your spending.