Astrological Month forecast August 2014

The month of August is a tense, but also dynamic month with many beneficial opportunities, especially for those born under the fire sign Leo! The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are this month in Leo!
The red planet Mars plays an important role in this Fire month. Mars ensures both great opportunities and major difficulties as well. August kicks off with a series of opposite connections between Mercury, Venus and Saturn, Mars and Jupiter, causing direct action and dynamism, but we all going to react in a different way. Venus and Saturn will cause a nononsense mood, but Mars and Jupiter urge to go for it. Since July 20 2014 Saturn is in a direct movement after its retrograde period. Once again, latent fears will be brought to the surface.
The three mystery planets of our solar system, or the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will all be retrograde this month.
August 2014 is a month in which events of the past four years will return as a boomerang on us. Due to the great distance to our Earth the influence of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto is of a collective nature and exerts big external influence on developments and experiences of our society and culture.
In August 2014, Mars is also in Scorpio, the sign in which Mars feels comfortable with. It is possible that this month there will be a downfall in the political or financial world. In any case, a prominent figure from that world will fall out of favor. Jupiter has entered the sign of Leo on July 16, 2014, where it will remain until August 12, 2015. In the fire sign Leo trouble spots will emerge in a literal and figurative sense. Mother Nature will give volcanic eruptions and other geological phenomena. There are rebellions in Asia, but also in Europe. A development in Europe creates a domino effect for the whole world.
Uranus in Aries is retrograde since July 22 2014 moving backwards to 15º Ram. Uranus will return on December 15 at 12 ° Aries. On that day the sixth exact square aspect with Pluto since 2012 will be formed. The period from now until then will be characterized by an increase in violence, tension and threat in the world.
All in all, August is a month in which varying energies are silhouetted in a troubled atmosphere.
An important aspect happens at the end of this month, when on August 30, an exact opposite between the Sun in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces will be formed. A soothing aspect that offers us the light to find the lost path in the most difficult cases. But the road back to inter connectedness and compassion is not as easy as we would think. When taking concrete steps, the ground beneath us proves to be less solid as we would like it to be.
We all need personal freedom.
This fundamental need is only possible if we can express our inner creativity in a world that is free of fears. Fears are fed by lies, indoctrination and suggestion such as in advertising and political propaganda. As long as these fears are fed, the lie will reign.
Our society is becoming more and more individual.
In our society it is all about competition, taking care of oneself and stand up for oneself. Jupiter in Leo strengthens the individual need to self-realization and standing up for oneself, but also self-interest.
From a primitive survival instinct conflicts arise. War never leads to peace. It is up to us to make a wise choice. Do we choose for war or peace? We all live on a small planet in the immense universe. Ultimately it means that we all are interconnected. We depend on each other. We need each other!

Important days:
August starts with the Feast of Lammas, the time of year of abundance and fulfillment. Mother Nature is at its peak and has come to full bloom, the fruits are ripe and it’s almost harvest time. The wheel of the year is turning, Lammas is the very beginning of autumn.

Friday, August 1: August begins with opposite connections between Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter that guarantee direct action and dynamism.
Our cosmic messenger Mercury has left the Water sign of Cancer and enters the Fire sign Leo. Our thinking and all forms of communication is outwards and outspoken with this Leo-energy. Words are literally fortified! All in all, a day to set emotional boundaries! A relationship may grow, but the challenging square indicates that it should be handled with utmost care. Take that relationship for granted and do not promise more than you can deliver!
Until Sunday the Moon is in Libra. Good for shopping or visiting the beautician, for relationships, social events and diplomatic exchange, also for art, exhibitions and concerts.

Saturday, August 2: Mars in Scorpio squares Jupiter in Leo. A powerful, but also restless aspect, whereby directness and strong desires predominate. A large dose of enthusiasm and passion in private and business areas, not knowing where to stop. A good day to be active. Also a day of faith and trust, high expectations and overconfidence in yourself and others. Don't get carried away and stick to the truth. The experiences of today are showing you the healthy boundaries of possibilities.

Sunday, August 3: Mercury in Leo is next to Jupiter, making great ideas possible. The desire to promoting them is great. Especially in the field of children there will be a lot of talking without action. Mercury doesn’t get along well with Mars creating a situation with children out of control, probably having trouble maintaining order.

Monday, August 4: Good intentions which were taken with the New Moon on July 26 2014 are with the Waxing Moon phase transformed into concrete plans or a plan of action.
Today and Tuesday, the Moon is in Scorpio. Good stand for research, study, self-transformation, matters of life and death, shared finances and sexuality, insurance and lawyer issues.

Tuesday, August 5: Uranus clears the way for Jupiter to free itself from the conservative influence of Saturn, making new ways possible that were not accessible previously.

Wednesday, August 6: Saturn urges Mars in Scorpio slow down, allowing a quieter atmosphere of stability.
Today and Thursday, the Moon is in Sagittarius. Good for travel, religious and philosophical activities, higher education, foreign languages and cultures, large domestic animals such as horses, also for legal matters and court cases.

Thursday, August 7: The harmonic connection of Mars in Scorpio with Neptune in Pisces leads to soft inspiration, stimulation, contemplation and enchantment. It also makes that you have to be careful, unrealistic proposals which may lead to disillusionment. It is a good position for water sports, art and healing! It may be that it keeps you awake at night.

Friday, August 8: The Sun makes friends with Mercury and Uranus and that makes this day creative, dynamic, communicative and action-oriented. A day of new encounters and sharing of original ideas.
Today and tomorrow, the Waxing Moon is in Capricorn. Good days to make a good impression! Also beneficial to call on the support of the company boss, or to redefine objectives in the long term.

Saturday, August 9: The Sun embraces Mercury in Leo and this is supported by Uranus in Aries. A day in which freedom, openness, thoughtfulness and communication predominates. The connection with Uranus ensures new, original and bright future-oriented ideas. A potentially very busy and fruitful day that with the help of Saturn can lead to taking responsibility and serious partnerships. It may be so that with this mental energy you have trouble sleeping, but that may also be caused by the energy of the almost Full Moon. The Sun squares Saturn today, making the atmosphere a little down. In all, it’s a meaningful day to clean the house, to reorganize, do office business and declutter everything which is no longer needed.

Sunday, August 10:
It is a Full Grain Moon on 18º in the air sign Aquarius. It is the second Super Moon of this summer, an event that occurs every year when the Moon is closest to Earth. The Moon is directly opposite the Earth and is bathed by the warm light of the Sun in Leo. The Sun is in the sign of Leo and rules the heart, our substantial core. This Full Moon wants the heart to speak freely from your heart, your core, and let the world know who you are and what you feel, regardless of rules and frameworks. The Sun and the Full Moon square Saturn in Scorpio. Not all ideas will be accepted for what they are. Everything, but everything is held against the Full Moon light. The theme of this Full Moon is to balance the possible and the impossible. What can you do to integrate your own unique personality to the world? What can you do to be true tot your heart and to follow your own heart? What can you do to with your special gifts to make a valuable contribution to the world? Let yourself be heard! The Fixed zodiac signs Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio have difficulties with change of views, because they appreciate fixed values. With this Full Moon they have to deal with themes that will bring a whole new sense of freedom. The universe creates situations that gives us a nudge in the right direction to make changes so that we can grow. With this Full Super Moon Saturn in Scorpio is facing us with repressed fears which prevent us from growing. In addition to this challenge to get rid of those fear, change, creativity and luck is possible thanks to the positive connection of the Sun, Uranus and Mercury. With this Super Moon, we can expect good news!

Monday, August 11: The influence of the Full Moon in Aquarius is also today, but thanks to the influence of Mercury is the atmosphere is mentally. Good for philanthropic activities, discussion and progressive ideas, charity, computers, technology and friends. There is a lot of talk, reflections and there are also short trips today.

Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 August: The annual Perseid meteor shower can be seen from August 17 to 24 ! The bright meteors or shooting stars are from the Swift-Tuttle Comet that was discovered in 1962. The light of the Waning Moon will ensure that the falling stars will be visible everywhere. The Sun, Mercury and Saturn provide an overall stable atmosphere in which it's okay to do office work, to pay the bills, to study or to make a financial plan.
Today and tomorrow the Moon is in Pisces. Good days to meditate, connect to the upper, magic, going to the sea, swimming, dreams, dance and music. Dancing on the beach?

Wednesday, August 13: Venus enters the Fire sign Leo. With this transit the next three weeks love is lifted to a higher level! Feelings are expressed and in more exuberant and frank way. A period of playfulness and warmth. The social atmosphere is much lighter with Venus in Leo. On this day four planets are in line with the Earth on the Leo/Aquarius axis, namely the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter! Venus in Leo wants attention, appreciation and love, straight from the heart! This energy supports artists, actors, art expressions, fashion world, the child, also the inner child and creativity. Until September 5 2014 Venus in Leo gives you joy and creativity from the heart.

Thursday, August 14: Today and tomorrow the Moon is in Aries. Good days for sporting expressions and direct action for which assertiveness and strength are required, to take the lead or to launch new projects.

Friday, August 15: The connection of Jupiter with Neptune provides an atmosphere of confusion. It's actually a day for relaxation. Not really a day to be focused. May be a day off?

Saturday, August 16: Mercury enters the Earth sign Virgo. With Mercury in Leo communication was outspoken and outwards, but in the sign Virgo, the focus is more inwards, on the organizational and practical issues of all day. With logical thinking ability, we want to know everything, we are rational, critical and to the point. A connection of Mars with Pluto gives a constructive atmosphere in the field of cooperation, reforms and renovations, health, nutrition, well-being and healthy limits.
Today and tomorrow the Moon is in Taurus. Good for financial matters, progress payments and money that is owed. Also good to connect with Mother Nature, gardening, walking, pottery, tinkering with cars, maintenance on the house or buying and selling real estate.

Sunday, August 17: Venus moves closer in the direction of Jupiter in Leo. Venus in Leo wants it all and wants it now.
In a positive atmosphere of faith and trust doors are open for a social gathering, travel, spiritual development and higher education. The danger is that, in our cheerfully enthusiasm, we tend to go over the edge with eating, drinking, sex and spending money.

Monday, August 18: Venus falls into the arms of Jupiter at 6 º in Leo. One of the better days of the year. Big changes are in the pipeline.
The next week is all about good health, materialism and abundance. For many it will feel like a warm bath. We feel grateful for what we have, our property, our health, our money, who we are, the flow of wealth and love in our lives and even if we are not so wealthy, we are too happy this to share this good feeling with others. It is possible that people will blow up egos. The own ego is more important than what's happening in the world around us, it seems. Self-love and narcissism are presented with this conjunction so that a balance should be found between self-love and self-esteem. At the end of the month a cold shower awaits, when the materialistic Venus on August 27, is corrected by Saturn. Today until Wednesday the Moon in Gemini. Good for all forms of communication and exchanges of information, emails, phone calls, reading, conferences, multi-tasking and making appointments.

Tuesday, August 19: In the middle of the inflated Venus conjunct Jupiter atmosphere, Mercury in Virgo is exactly opposite Neptune in Pisces. A day of confusion especially with networks. Our enthusiasm and playfulness can lead to twisting the truth, daydreaming, melodrama or a white lie. As long as we realize what we are doing, there is nothing to worry about. Of course it is never good to spend much emotional energy into something which is fake. Focus your attention today on meditation, music, beach walks, in-depth conversations at a soul level, also with yourself. This day can lead to great insights, but it's not a good day to put a signature under a complicated contract.

Wednesday, August 20: Today it is literally and figuratively a day of 'cleaning up debris' after the confusion of the previous day.

Thursday, August 21: Today and tomorrow the Moon in Cancer. A good day for family activities, especially with children. A homely day for cooking, feeding yourself and others you love with cosiness and warmth. A beautiful day to be creative!

Friday, August 22: The positive connection between Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn provides deep insights, a clear vision and thinking clearly. With this energy you can hear and see what you would otherwise fail to notice. A great day for persuasive public speaking, writing and connecting on a soul level. It may be that you can be called to account today for something you have said or written.

Saturday, August 23: The influence of Venus in Leo ensures a pleasant and cosy atmosphere. An exceptionally good day for a party. The Sun is preparing to leave the Fire sign Leo and celebrates together with the Moon, Venus and Jupiter in Leo a farewell party. Today through Monday, the Moon is in Leo. Good days for romance, to organize a party, be with children, do something fun and creative.

Sunday, August 24: the Sun has entered the Earth sign Virgo. The solar stage in the sign Virgo is inwards. In the next four weeks, the focus is mainly on clarity, reality, structure, concentration and organization, details, health care, nutrition, body and spirit. The Summer sign Virgo is the sign of the harvest and that also applies to us in the figurative sense! What is your own harvest this year?

Monday, August 25: It's New Harvest Moon in the sign Virgo. The Moon is not visible from the Earth. The Sun and the Moon are fused together in the sign Virgo on 2º. New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle of 29 days, which will mainly carry the properties of the sign Virgo. The New Moon is supported by a nice connection between Venus and Uranus that helps us to express ourselves more freely and liberate assumptions that impede us in our progress. The energy of this New Moon offers us a time to consider a relationship and the ability to start over, starting over in a fresh and optimistic way. Mars is next to Saturn in Scorpio and thanks to that we can better focus our energy. The New Moon is opposite Neptune in Pisces. This confrontational opposition calls for awareness and challenges to search for balance. Healing of the world is possible if we unite our common sense and spirit with compassion and spirituality!
Today until Wednesday the Moon is in Virgo. Good days for fitness, learning, healthy diet, detoxing, caring for small pets, clearing and cleaning cabinets. Also a good stand to do work that requires concentration.

Tuesday, August 26: Just like yesterday, Mars is in conjunction with Saturn. This flammable conjunction determines the last week of August 2014. Mars is the Warrior and the child, Saturn is the authority and the father. Saturn wants delay, Mars wants to go on. The younger generation is contrary to the older generation, the young fighting against the old world. Mars against the established order. With this energy violence and upheaval may occur between young people and police. Sports injuries, domestic violence, depression, accidents in traffic and suicide. We can also experience landslides and fires, in the world, but also figuratively in our own lives. The old disappears for the new. Hopefully this Mars/Saturn conjunction leads to the search for the roots of all evil, clearing the way to practical and solid solutions. The connection of Mercury in Virgo with Mars, Saturn and Uranus provides practical enlightenment! At least it provides new ideas and originality and encourages to open frontiers.

Wednesday, August 27: Today, Mars in Scorpio challenges Jupiter from being active. It is possible that you can’t sleep with this energy or it can cause wild dreams. Saturn in Scorpio challenges Venus in Leo, creating a realistic, but annoying atmosphere. Impulsive, impatient and emotional reactions can lead to violent situations. With this square you may feel lonely, alienated, depressed, caged and used. It causes a feeling of sadness if there is no emotional fulfillment. Saturn asks Venus: You need so much, but what do you really want to have? What do you actually need? What you don’t have, you don’t really need. Stick to yourself in your own core. This is not a good day to debate, clear up an understanding or making friends.

Thursday, August 28:
You probably may have noticed, the angry atmosphere caused by the square between Venus and Mars. The square will be at its peak on August 27 and 28 when this planetary battle extends the Mars/Saturn conjunction. This atmosphere certainly is until the end of August 2014. Decisions and good intentions which were taken with the New Moon on August 25 with the intention of implementation, are now being challenged again.

Friday and tomorrow, August 29, the Moon is in Libra: Good for shopping or beautician, for relationships, social events and diplomatic exchange, also for art, exhibitions and concerts.

Saturday, August 30: The Sun in Virgo is in exact opposition to Neptune in Pisces. The blue planet Neptune, King of the Sea, is the closest to Earth and is fully illuminated by the Sun. An inspiring and magical moment of daydreaming, but also a day of confusion, vagueness and fatigue. Dreams lead to powerful insights into ourselves and the universe. Finally the Sun leaves Neptune, allowing space for meditation, creativity and healing and the ability to resolve matters in a good way.

Sunday, August 31: On the last day of August the Moon is in Scorpio. Good day for research, study, self-transformation, matters of life and death, shared finances and sexuality, insurance and lawyer issues.