Virgo Monthly Horoscope April 2014

The New Moon on March 30th brings you good career opportunities, but unfortunately financial pressure as well. Investments, friendship and love are a source of concern. After the Lunar Eclipse of april 15th, things are getting better. From that moment you get an overview of all events so you can make improvements. In the middle of april is your planet Mercury will be situated near Uranus in Aries, so get ready for some surprises! This month you make an important decision.

There is no lack of interest, but sometimes you are a little too picky. In your head you have a ideal picture of how your love should be. Your demands are high and you struggle with emotional problems. If there is conflict in your relationship, you often choose the method of cold war instead of loving conversation to find a solution. By doing so you are harsh, but not in the least harsh to yourself. Don’t try to change others as you like them to be. Fortunately, Venus is this month in your House of Relationships which brings a more sentimental and lyrical trend. It opens your heart to find what you're looking for. The single Virgo may meet the right person. In a fixed relationship is more space for stability, affection and harmony.

Your career is progressing well this month. Make sure that there is a good balance between work and leisure. In a relaxed atmosphere your efficiency improves and you can see and seize opportunities. Your boss is satisfied with your performance and you make good chance for new opportunities. Keep quiet and calm under all circumstances, stress causes errors. This month is about cooperation, team projects and contracts. It's not the time to act all by yourself, the more people around you, the better.

This month there is financial pressure. Expected profit from investments, real estate or shares stay off. You have questions and answers stay out. There is pressure on you to make financial decisions. Stay calm and trust yourself. Investments don’t pay off, but your income is stable. The retrograde Mars and the Lunar Eclipse take place in your House of Money, so take precautions. Try to control your financial management as much as possible.

Through your busy work your health comes in the second place. The large amount of work and lack of exercise lead to fatigue and your sensitive eyes. This month your health is not optimal, you're tired and may suffer from dizziness. Make sure you get good working conditions and lots of fresh air. Rest, relaxation and movement is what you need. It promotes your thinking ability, strengthens blood circulation and stimulates your digestive system.

April is about cooperation. In addition to cooperation in work, communicating with people close to you is a good way to find solutions.