Scorpio Monthly Horoscope April 2014

April is an exciting but troubled month. To find balance and clarity where things seem to be hidden, it is good to have regularly in-depth conversations with yourself. To understand the other's communication, you first need to communicate with yourself.

In this turbulent month, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is located in the House of Relationships and that is good news for all Scorpions! An overwhelming sense of sensuality causes butterflies in your stomach. You want to flirt and you are looking for adventure. In short love is waiting for you. If you are looking for the love of your life, well your dream may come true. In a committed relationship all inhibitions disappear. You are more romantic than ever and can expect exciting hours! The solar eclipse of 29 april is also in the House of Relationships. Caution is a good advice.

April is a very active month, but also a month of responsibilities. The cooperating forces of the Sun, Mercury and Uranus stimulate your dedication. A desire for new things, innovation, new working methods or changes in the work atmosphere make you excited. Success is assured. Your infectious enthusiasm is also noted in your working environment! You will have the opportunity to show your leadership, competences and talents. A special event may lead you to unknown heights. Of course there is always a downside. In your environment, there is jealousy and discontent, someone is trying to thwart you. Therefore, be on your guard!

April is a good month financially, but it is advisable to act with caution. No unnecessary expenditures or major decisions. Postpone these themes as long as possible.
Find a counselor if there are financial problems.

Even in good health, make sure it stays that way! Your body is your temple, take good care of it! Avoid too much or too little and stay away from alcohol and drugs.
Let those harmful habit for what it is! Forget about coffee and cigarettes and consider a few days detoxing. It will have a soothing effect.

Stop that harmful habit! You probably know which one.