Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope April 2014

April is a month of unique moments and surprises. It's actually a good month to expand your contacts and friends! This month you make an important decision.

There is every indication that april is the month of new encounters! In the first three weeks of april love radiates in the warm embrace of Mercury and the Sun. In an exciting and relaxed atmosphere of romance and passion many adventures bloom.
Enjoy as much as you can. But when you give in to your desires, there is always a chance putting yourself in a tricky situation. Suppressing desires however lead to frustration and restlessness. The best thing to do is to follow your heart, but remain vigilant. You may emotionally get involved in someone’s life, something you possibly experience as disturbing. In a fixed relationship you spend time together and a good time with family.

April is a month of activity, creativity, productivity and innovation. With your natural skills, adventurous daring and innovative ideas, you step into the spotlights getting you in a situation that leads to more future prospects. A good month if you are looking for a job. Don’t embark in a misguided adventure, but first consider the benefits and risks before making a decision. April shows the independent side of you see and stimulates you to work on your own. You come on so emotionally strong that it why it is more difficult to work in a team or team projects affect your image.

A good financial month for Sagittarius. Income from work, speculation and investment. You may invest money in a house or piece of land. However be careful with speculation, gambling and large expenditure. Easy come easy go. Don’t allow money affect matters of love and friendship.

In the first 20 days of april you are full of energy. You would be able to use all that extra energy to exercise. From 21 april Sun and Mercury enter the House of Health and due to this influence things are going to change. The solar eclipse on april 29 is also in your House of Health. You may catch a cold or get ill. Be careful and take good care of your condition. A proper diet and exercise are very important to channel excess energy.

Even april seems to be a beautiful month, be vigilant. Conflicts are lurking.