Pisces Monthly Horoscope April 2014

The planetary movements this month are in your favor, so you're able to reach your goals. Visualize your goals and you will notice that they are within your reach. The unexpected happens! April gives you a blissful feeling of satisfaction and makes you enjoy life to the fullest.

Venus, the planet of Love, arrives on April 6 in Pisces, bringing you the best of everything you could wish for! Charm, elegance, happiness, seduction and above all a good mood! Venus also forms a nice connection with the great benefactor Jupiter. Happiness radiates and comes very close to you! In a committed relationship there is more passion! If you 're still single, there is an opportunity to encounter true love. The only problem this month that it may be difficult to choose from all this beauty.

In the area of Career April is less favorable. It seems las if you do not get that recognition you deserve for all your efforts. If you wait patiently and practice in the meantime on your skills, you will find that you will soon be noticed. Your time will come.
The beautiful handshake of Venus and Jupiter in April has a positive effect on your finances! There is great potential to success, wealth or exceptional opportunities to realize your dreams. Venus and Jupiter together with Saturn will show that all events are durable and solid. Especially up to April 20, there is a high probability of success in everything you do. An increase of money through contacts and partners, gifts or advantage from various benefits. Better postpone that major investment decision until the second half of the month. Do not take unnecessary risks, even if everything seems fine.

This month is good to your health. You're in shape and thanks to the favorable planetary position you enjoy life to the fullest. Sometimes you take too much and too much of anything is never good. A good diet, exercise and adequate sleep keeps you in shape. Regularity and discipline are the key !

Don’t let your ego interfere the relationship with your family and kids. Denying the truth does not lead to the solution! Take advantage of this exciting month to go inside yourself and concentrate on emotional issues. Embrace the silence. It leads to insights and hidden sources.