Libra Monthly Horoscope April 2014

April is a month of challenges. The focus is on the outside world. Your private life is less important, but your career and social activities all the more. At any time, Mars retrograde may change your plans in all areas. Patience and structure are therefore required!

Mars retrograde is in your sign and Uranus in your House of Relationships making you respond in a sentimental way to situations in the field of love. If you are looking for a partner, there are countless opportunities this month. The theme ”you and I” reigns in april as never before. Emotions working overtime. Indifference and difficult communication come in many forms of interactions this month. It may lead to exciting moments, but also lead to perilous situations. If you remain quiet and don’t resound in an impulsive way, everything will be alright. Think carefully about the consequences before you act. Learn to know the other side of your partner, the unusual and unknown side. Bring both energies together to pursue your goals. Why would you waste valuable time for pointless quarrels? At the end of the month there will be clarity in a lovesituation.

April 2014 is not a month in which things come natural. The working pressure is high with appeal to your mental stability. There is a high probability of success and efficiency. Wait patiently. The retrograde Mars in your sign doesn't like new actions, but allows you enumerate existing projects first, evaluate and organize, to see if a project is worth. It's a good time to practice or to discover untapped talents. Unexpected proposals are to be expected. Make this a month of good planning and organized structure. In cooperation is the necessary tact and patience required.

This month, it is advisable to keep a tight fist around your wallet. No risky investments at this time. Mars is retrograde in your sign and things come to a standstill. April is a good month to make an inventory of debts and keeping your financial picture in order. Please be advised that plans so can change anytime.

Your health is delicate this month. Stress is the culprit. Due to working pressure and your obligations you tend to neglect your health. Your health however is the most important thing, however, so save your strength! If it all becomes too much for you, leave it up to the other. Rest, good nutrition, meditation and regular exercise is necessary to keep in shape.

Listen to the voice of your heart and do what you think is good to find peace of mind.