Leo Monthly Horoscope April 2014

The effect of the New Moon will be less after the Full Moon eclipse of april 15. After a tumultuous time everything is quieter and a solution will be found for problems in the workplace. The second half of april is more prosperous. Look forward to the month of may!

Venus and Mars provide a positive force in your love life. There are opportunities for the single Leo to approach that special one you admire for a long time. April is a good month for love. If you have a steady relationship you feel the love of your partner, but you may feel guilty, because the work takes so much time. There is a rumor or you hear something which you don’t believe. You may deal with jealousy and frustrations, but don't worry, your relationship is generally stable and harmonious. Your intuition tells you what you have to know. You know exactly how to get the truth. Be considerate and patient if there are problems in the field of love affairs.

The New Moon on March 30 in Aries leaves its mark on your working place. At the beginning of april action is taken without consultation which provides an atmosphere of dissatisfaction. This month isn't really a career-month, now you get to do with higher productivity by colleagues and employees. You work hard and your initiatives and coordinating role leave a good impression on your boss. You know to mediate without disadvantaging others. For you striving for success is always a highest ideal, but be careful, you may run to fast and forget yourself on the way. Give attention to cooperation, by doing so you thing get easier. Study, specialization, culture, editing and publications on judicial or legislative area have the most chance for success.

It is a stable month for finances, but that is largely up to you. Make sure you get a good balance in your income and expenses. The right investment brings the highest reward. Defend what you have and make sure you lose all you can no longer use. Good financial perspectives in particular through savings, donations, investments or profits by third parties. Someone is trying to persuade you to do something you're not sure about. Be careful, set priorities and try to focus on all business matters, money, financial transactions and legal matters. Make choices about what you can afford and what is not.

You have more energy this month. It is important to keep your mind at ease in april to relieve your mental burden and stress. Watch this month on your physical fitness and especially on your liver. Make sure you get good food and a good night's sleep. The strong Aries-energy is beneficial to your health, but you have to work to remain in good health. Be careful by the increased risk of accidents and aggression. Provide relaxation and fun, so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

In 2014 the collaboration between Saturn and Neptune is to your advantage. This influence affects the degree of happiness which will help you with important choices in long term plans. Be temperate in everything and try to avoid feud as much as possible.