Gemini Monthly Horoscope April 2014

The influence of the New Moon in Aries of March 30th reigns the entire month of april, Gemini. In the first half of the month it is better, due to the influence of Uranus in Aries, better to make no business arrangements with friends. After the Full Moon eclipse of april 15, things will become clear. In the second half of april, things become clearer and calmer and then you can enumerate how you can proceed. Everything will be allright.

You always try to find a balance between your busy work and love. April is due to the influence of Venus the month of love, but you are well aware of the pressure at work so there won't be much time left for love. Fortunately, there are many occasions this month on social level so that you are able to make contacts and have adventures also! However be careful with that special one. Important decisions are being affected by feelings. Due to the retrograde Mars in Libra you lose a little control. In a committed relationship or marriage, there may be arguments about money or work. It's better to avoid these issues as much as possible and pay more attention to your family and feelings.

You have been working hard lately and sometimes under difficult conditions. You think you don’t get paid enough for the amount of work you do or you think your choices in your career are too limited or restrictive. Despite negative influences In the work you perform above average. You don't get distracted by emotional problems, on the contrary, your busy work is an excellent distraction from heartbreak or problems. Even though the working pressure is high, you focus all your energy on your work. April is a month to harvest appreciation and admiration. Your reputation gets better, there will be changes, new customers, a new project and new commands. Your hard-working dedication may lead to success in your work as well in your studies.

Your income from work is stable this month. Unfortunately you spend too much money on daily expenses, making it advisable is to save some money for the end of the month. It is advisable to keep your financial management into your own hands, groceries as well investments. If you leave everything in the hands of someone else, it will lead to great loss.

Your health is good, you are full of energy by the influence of the Sun and your planet Mercury. However, your physical resistance may collapse because of Saturn. Especially at the end of the month you may need more rest. Problems in love form a psychological burden for you. You feel stressed, but the power of Pluto drags you out of the most unfavorable situations. To get rid of excess energy and reduce stress, it is advisable to get an outdoor holiday or pay a visit to the gym regularly. Keep moving this month.

Due to the influence of Saturn are you able to relativize this month and to improve your life, your work situation and the personal relationships, all that is important to you. This month you have luck on your side to save yourself from most awkward positions, only if you don’t act from old learned behavior and take no hostile attitude.