Capricorn Monthly Horoscope April 2014

You may feel overburdened by problems with money, work and home. April is a month of progress, but also a month when you are faced with events from the past. You have learned from experiences and with that wisdom you will solve an existing problem.

Venus, the planet of love, is in this month a warm embrace with the great benefactor Jupiter in the House of Relationships. In your social life and relationships april promises to be a good month. Your partner may achieve something professionally or financially this month. Romance flows like a river through all forms of communication. Long phone calls, emails and in-depth interviews and even telepathy! Sometimes you know that someone is thinking of you before the phone rings. Walks, going out, short breaks, anything is possible. An unexpected encounter will be of special significance. Your advice is invaluable to a good friend. In a committed relationship you will be faced with problems concerning family or friends.

In April, Mars is retrograde in the House of Career. In this area exciting things are about to happen, but work related stress is also to be expected. You want to have your way or want a promotion, resulting in conflicts with your boss or agencies. Try reach your goals by acting with inner vision in a innovative strategic way. Impulsivity and power struggles only bring unhappiness and certainly not the intended result. Collaboration is the key this month. By talking with your partners and friends you gather important information! You get the chance to speak in public and to meet influential 
people who will help you.

A turbulent month concerning the financial picture. Postpone expenses and do not get involved in risky investments. In this period it is advisable to read small prints and read between the lines. A lucrative contract will lead to a significant increase in your income. Be careful. You have exactly what you need.

In recent months, you have had to endure a lot of stress. In april stress is here to stay, stress that has to do with your work, home and parents. Stress makes you irritable and increases the risk of accidents. Try to relax as much as possible. Avoid too much and too little of everything if possible. In the first half of April you should pay close attention to your health. Provide a good diet and plenty of exercise.

Solving a problem concerning family or work gives you the power to make a big step forward.