Cancer Month Horoscope April 2014

In your career recently a major upheaval has occurred. However, in april your career will not proceed as prosperous as you’d wish for. It is better to not act on impulsive feelings and postpone appointments until next month. After the Full Moon eclipse of april 15 things become quieter and it's time to getting things together. Even though this month is difficult, you will grow and learn. April ends with a bright spot.

Your loved one is charming and attractive and in addition to a source of happiness, it can also be a source of worry, because there are always rivals in the field. Luckily you belief that love can withstand everything, even the biggest rival! For the single Cancer there are plenty of opportunities, but often you turn out to be more a bosom friend. Don't spin around in safe circles. Find new friends and you will find true love. Jupiter will help you to improve your interpersonal relationships and think about your behavior in communicating with others.

In the last two weeks of the month you deal with the intense energies of the Cardinal Grand Cross. Pluto is in the seventh House of Relationships. You and your partner cannot agree on a plan or you have done something that has caused annoyance. Most of your energy goes in your work and you are doing your very best to show your strengths and expertise. Don’t aim that high, you know what you can and if you give that very best within healthy borders, the reward will be more beautiful. Set your priorities.

Venus is this month in the House of Money and that has a positive effect on your income. You know to manage your finances well and by doing so, you know how to overcome the most challenging economic aspects of this month. Don’t make any investments now, because you can’t make no good estimate of what is to come. If you want to make an investment is a thorough preparation is necessary.

You have joy in your heart, confidence in yourself and in life. All this has a good impact on your health. When you feel good you can deal with all the problems. Go to bed on time, because a good night's sleep is so important to stay healthy. Get plenty of leisure activities in your busy life and enjoy every happy moment that is given to you.

You are given the opportunity to reach your goals, so go for it in april. It’ won’t be easy, but you will reach your goals, wherever they may lead you.