Aries Monthly Horoscope April 2014

Every Aries is experiencing a dynamic and demanding time, in particular your career, relationships and cooperation. You may have to deal with stress, litigation, competition and rivalry. On the other hand, Uranus in Aries provides you with an unprecedented vitality and strength. The New Moon on March 30, was in your own sign, Aries! Pluto in Capricorn in your House of Career is opposite Jupiter in your House of Family and private life. Sometimes it can be a daunting challenge in order to find a balance when you are under pressure of responsibilities. The Full Moon eclips in Aries on april 15th shines her light on your better half. Having a relationship may fill you with happiness, but if not you’ d better apply improvements in the situation now. You're going to solve a problemen you have been dealing with for a while.

April is a good month for love. Your Mars is in the House of relationships, making your love life exciting and passionate, but can also be impulsive and brash. Mars is also retrograde, causing tensions, anger and irritation. The single Aries has an irresistible attraction this month. It will be easy to find a love, however be careful who you love. You may expect the unexpected this month. Someone or a relational problem from your past may crosse your path. You make high demands on your lover and you react angry and impulsive when things don't go the way you want them to be. The negative energy only delivers grief and misunderstanding, hassle and more distance. Confide in someone when anything emotionally is bothering you.

Uranus in your sign provides you with unique ideas! Like no other you see how things might work, but you'd also take the criticism of others to heart. More communication with your colleagues helps to avoid unnecessary disputes. Your effort and work ethic should be noted with increased chance for promotion or assignment. The work may cause stress and fatigue. You will get a chance for a job of a better job, but don’t come on too strong and continue communicating with others. Keep your long term planning in advance, because halfway this month there may be a change in your career. The influence of Mercury in Aries makes you intellectually more profound so that you are able to have good negotiations.

The income from your work are stable and you do not have to worry to much. You know what you are doing and you have your goal clearly marked out, which has a positive impact on your income. Investments or lotteries are fortunate. What you have to keep in mind is that you pay attention at any time and don’t allow yourself be tempted into a financial adventure. Opportunities are there for sure, but the crisis lies in wait. Work systematically do not take hasty decisions this month.

You have no complaining about your health, but the workload weighs heavy on your shoulders. Don’t ignore that pressure and find regular relaxation. Go for a walk after work, do a work out, listen to beautiful music or buy something nice for yourself. You will feel much happier when you are in control of your own state of mind! This month of tension asks to find ways that benefit your health, for instance change bad habits or try a healthy diet. This month a new treatment or cure may give you hope and confidence.

It is largely up to you how this month expires. You have to adjust your posture and communicate more with others, otherwise you’d caught up in a web of mistakes that others have produced. If you are able to trust others, to be tolerant and to forgive them for what they are and do, you will notice that you are much happier. Accept your shortcomings and don’t be overconfident. A group situation will gradually become clear and something from the past will be resolved. Avoid conflict situations and be on your guard, as there is an increased risk of accidents.