Aquarius Monthly Horoscope April 2014

April is a month of making progress in all areas. The focus is on career, relationships and social projects. However there is a lot of stress this month, especially in the second half of April.

Venus, the planet of Love and Relationships is in your sign until April 5, 2014. With your irresistible charm utilize the first week of April to build bridges or to attract a new partner or give your special attention to that special person. The Sun and Uranus in Aries support your House of Relationships! In a committed relationship, harmony and memorable and surprising magical moments are present. The magic will largely disappear as Venus leaves your sign on april 6 replacing it for a more pragmatic approach. In the second and third week of April an increased risk of conflict and strife will be present. In the last week of April the rest returns, although the Solar Eclipse of April 29 may include an unexpected event in family or home.

A significant advancement in your profession or company can occur in April 2014. Venus, Jupiter and Saturn join hands and this vocational triumvirate in the element Water guarantees fruitful success and perseverance in your career, reputation, goals, appreciation and reward. It is the planetary signature for an increase in income or other material benefits, success and achievement.
April 2014 is a month of a renewed sense of freedom and satisfaction after two months of effort and perseverance. However, study, intellectual work, traveling or long distance collaboration can be a source of unrest and problems.

April 2014 is a financially stable month. However, it is advisable to check all your spendings. Do not exaggerate! You still have that feeling that there is not enough money to be able to do what you want to do. By reading, writing and communicating you will gather all the information you need to find your balance. Postpone any investment.

You may feel extra tense and irritable, so to balance your emotional stability it is recommended to enjoy regularly, to relax and find moments to rest your weary head.

Caution is advised this month, especially in all forms of travel, movement and transportation. Risks may occur by car, bike or even on foot, especially with the Full Lunar Eclipse of April 15 even accidents in your home. So be on guard!