Astrological Month prognosis for April 2014

From the moment that Pluto and Uranus formed a challenging square in 2011, many profound and lasting changes in the world have occurred on political, economic and personal level.
The challenging energy between these two planetary giants continues to persist until March 2015, but the rare astrological event of april 2014 is the energetic highlight in this heavenly battle. From 23 to 25 april 2014 is a Cardinal Grand Cross or Grand T-Square will be formed. A Cardinal Cross is formed by squares and oppositions. Squares represent turning points and oppositions (opposite) are calling for balance and integration.

Pluto is at 13 degrees in Capricorn opposite Jupiter on 13 degrees in Cancer and Mars on 13 degrees in Libra is opposite Uranus on 13 degrees in Aries, so four planets are exactly at 90 degrees angled to each other!
Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are the four main characters or the Cardinal signs and they mark the active turning points of the season. Aries is about YOU, Cancer about home and family, Libra about relationships and Capricorn about work and the established systems. The main characters or Cardinal signs are particularly powerful for initiating new activities and breakthrough ideas.
Each Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn or anyone with planets in these characters in the own horoscope, especially on the first degrees of these signs, will be dealing with the dynamic power of this Cardinal Grand Cross. These people can be put under pressure to make big internal and external changes.
This combination of astrological forces suggests a period in which radical change in our consciousness, perception and consciousness will occur. The opportunities for innovation, new technologies and efficiency are boundless.
It may feel like we're in the middle of the eye of a planetary storm this month.
When you consider that 13 degrees involves an astrological critical point, I can only say that this Cardinal Grand Cross is a melting pot of transformative energies which will have a huge impact on our personal and social life. All the major trends of the current time melt together as it were! When Jupiter entered Cancer in June 2013 and especially from August 2013, a series of events occurred, any time when a planet in Libra the growing Cardinal Grand Cross briefly activated.
Mars, the red planet of action and War is now the cosmic link of the Cardinal Grand Cross. April 21 is the start of the most intense phase of the month when the Moon is in Capricorn and Mars creeps to the position to set the cosmic wheel in motion on april 23, we’ll have the most intense time of the last years.
The energy of Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars comes together from april 22 to 25.
On april 22, the fifth exact square between Pluto and Uranus takes place. Five is in sync with the fifth chakra, the throat chakra. Many of us have been suffering from throat problems, sore throat or voice problems, or a stuffy feel as if there is a tie to your throat. It's like you get too little breath or that you won't be heard if you want to say something. The Cardinal Grand Cross that is formed should be seen as a heavenly call for liberation on a personal and global level.

This Cardinal Grand Cross occurs between two eclipses, a total lunar eclipse on april 15 and a partial solar eclipse on april 29 2014. Two eclipses and this Grand Cardinal Cross in a month's time. Eclipses are times of change, of end and new beginning. Very often events come to a final stop or leading people will die.
Terrorism, natural disasters, earthquakes, extreme weather conditions, war or an escalation of some military conflicts are to be expected.
No one knows what's going to happen, but at least we get to see that things in the world no longer work or that things can’t go on the way they are.
It is all or nothing, or maybe we get a warning of what will happen if we don’t to make substantive changes now.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn during this Cardinal Grand Cross puts the emphasis on inner reflection with a high potential to transform and regenerate. In your own birth chart Pluto shows where you are faced with fears and what you’d better get rid off.

Juno is not a planet, but an asteroid which is also part of the Cardinal Grand Cross. Juno is about relationships, Uranus wants to liberate and Pluto wants to do that on a drastic way.
Through the input of Juno relationships that deliver no more contribution to our development, will break down or finally changed. April is therefore a decisive month for relationships.

Mars is the planet of action and decisiveness, male aggression, defense, war, sex, anger, sports and initiative. Mars does not feel at home in the sign Libra and here Mars is more passive aggressive. Now, Mars is retrograde and this energy is even more suppressed, which may have an explosive effect. Mars retrograde in Libra gives in your own horoscope show you to to where you defend yourself , where you disagree, should negotiate or compromise.
Mars retrograde in Libra is a classic astrological signature of the war. Mars is retrograde since March 1, and will remain retrograde until May 19, 2014.
On a personal level disputes may occur, but it is better now not to sue someone or to unleash a fight when Mars is retrograde. You will loose big time.
From april 5 we feel the growing tension, when the retrograde Mars moves closer to form the Cardinal Grand Cross. To mid May 2014, palpable tension remains in the world in many areas.

Economically, april 2014 might be in for a total monetary collapse, but luckily there is the mutual cooperation of our business planets Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio to make sure that it things will not go out of control.
That something is about to happen, is a fact.
On april 22 can the contribution of Jupiter and Mars to the Cardinal Grand Cross may bring the current crisis into a sort of climax.

The sphere of influence of the Cardinal Grand Cross will persist until the end of may 2014. It is an intense and explosive period that could lead to war, violence and even acts of terrorism, major losses on the financial markets and extreme weather events, as well as enormous opportunities for renewal and transformation.

The description below is a concentrated presentation of the astrological events in the period from 20 april to 23 april. The Grand Cardinal Cross itself is the focal point of the influences that come together in that relatively short period of time. The substantiation of the compound situation is too brief to make it clear what else is going on. The full impact of the complex conceptual reality of this will become clear later this year.

The Sun in Aries, from 1 to april 8, is the start of the formation of the Cardinal Grand Cross with various hard aspects to Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.
Mercury is still keeping a low profile until april 15. The Sun and Mercury are often the triggers for larger aspects, so watch the events in the first part of the month.

Tuesday 1 april: Sun in Aries squares Jupiter in Cancer. This brings tensions relating to things like space, size, color, health, finance.

Wednesday april 2: Sun in Aries conjunction Uranus in Aries. There is a strong atmosphere of novelty and surprise. The present and the future are central to this time and no one seems to care about the past.
Surprising developments today.

Thursday april 3: Sun in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto provokes arguments and unease. Mercury smiles at Saturn and keeps activities better focused and is more realistic.

Sunday april 6: Venus leaves the sign of Aquarius and enters the sign of Pisces, the realm of Neptunus.
Venus In Pisces keeps account of the meaning of life from a perspective of faith and spirituality.

Monday april 7: The first quarter Moon in Cancer.
The right half of the Moon is illuminated by the Sun now. A monthly period of growth. Plans created with New moon will develop. There may be opposition, additional commitment is required. Time to shape ideas and solve common problems.

Tuesday april 8: Mercury leaves Pisces for the Fiery Aries.
Mercury In Aries is more direct and aggressive in words and actions. In all areas of communication is the truth is disseminated, no matter how the resulting results are.

Wednesday 9 april
The Sun in Aries opposing Mars in Libra. The red planet is now closest to the Earth and will be fully illuminated by the Sun.
The Sun will try to correct Mars or at least to bother Mars with actions or sounds. Speed, energy, sound and noise dominate today.

Saturday april 12: Venus in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces which brings a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Monday april 14: Pluto in Capricorn goes retrograde today until september 22 2014. There is a strong atmosphere of competition and splitting hairs. Mercury squares Jupiter stresses "thinking big". An active day. Sporting events with friends and neighbors.

Tuesday april 15: Mercury in Aries joins the Cardinal Grand Cross by joining Uranus. A new spin on powerful communication. Along with Uranus, the energy a bright and original speeches. With the square to Pluto harsh words can be spoken about recent events.
Today, a total lunar eclipse occurs on 25 degrees in Libra. Eclipses are intense and this dark red Lunar Eclipse is a particularly intense and powerful Full Moon, which opens the gate to harmony. The Moon is directly opposite the Sun and will be fully illuminated. This Full Moon is also known as the Moon of the Awakening.
It is an energy of spiritual renaissance, a time for rebirth and calibration within the energy of the new Earth.
This Full Moon occurs just before the moment in which the Cardinal Grand Cross is formed. With the opposition of the Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra important karmic encounters may take place. Much will depend on how we deal with encounters at this critical moment.

Wednesday april 16: Mercury in Aries opposite Mars in Libra adds more power to the current planetary energies. You can have restless dreams and when you are awake you react more powerful.

Thursday 17 april: Jupiter in Cancer is exactly square Uranus in Aries. There is growing unrest and tension in some areas there will be acted on a whim, irrational behavior.
Friday april 18: Venus Sextile Pluto means jealousy and manipulation. You know what you want and will not settle for less.
Mars in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries increases the potential for sudden and unexpected events, sounds and movements.
Venus trine Jupiter will do its best to improve the recent developments and softens social disturbances.

Sunday 20 april: The period from 20 to 23 april is dominated by the Cardinal Grand Cross. The square between Jupiter and Uranus is now exact, sudden major changes can occur. Jupiter is now exact opposing Pluto which brings competition and selfishness. Uranus square Pluto is the superlative of deception.

Monday april 21: The Cardinal Grand Cross has reached its peak with the size, power and the nature of a comprehensive planetary war.
Mercury will try to soothe things with the help of Neptune, but it is unlikely that it will help. Mars square Jupiter adds contribution to the explosiveness of the situation.
Uranus bears all the characteristics of an explosion of any kind. Mars square Pluto combines all aspects of the Cardinal Grand Cross including competition, intrusiveness and powerful violates, it adds even more to what could happen.

Tuesday 22 april: Today the annual Lyrids meteor shower takes place. This meteor shower is an extremely powerful event in 2014. The meteor shower takes place every year from 16 to 25 april. This year the peak lies between 22 and 23rd april.

Today is also the last quarter of the Moon in Aquarius.
The left half of the Moon is illuminated. A time of harvesting. What has been achieved so far?

Wednesday 23 april: Mars exact opposing Uranus and Mars square Jupiter and Pluto. Difficult, dangerous and challenging day. Day of whipped provocation urge, fighting spirit and desire for freedom and pushing trough.

Friday, april 25: Jupiter enters on 14 degrees Cancer and that's good news for people who were born on or around July 5. Until early may 2014 will be a great period for them.
Mercury leaves Aries and enters the earthly Taurus. In Aries Mercury was very quick and direct, but in Taurus Mercury is quieter and more level-headed. Here are structures designed to ensure personal safety. With good communication Mercury in Taurus contributes to stabilize the situation. The re-establishment of the balance will be an important factor. Venus trine Saturn will try to stabilize global feelings about the events of the last few days.

Saturday, april 26: the Sun conjunction Mercury in Taurus will help the communication process, which will contribute to alleviate the psychological load on Earth.

Sunday, april 27: Venus tries to help Mars for gaining more understanding. Mercury sextile Neptune supports the empathy, through which we are able to hear what the other person says or does not say.

Monday, april 28: Mercury and Saturn make people start thinking about the best realistic way to restore society. It will not be easy, but it's a good start.
Sun sextile Neptune makes social processes be felt.

Tuesday april 29: difficult and challenging day by the extremely powerful solar eclipse in Taurus.
It is New Moon in Taurus. The New Moon in Taurus symbolizes the desire for stability and security in these critical times. The Moon is between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from the Earth.
This is a powerful time to search for renewal and creating peace on Earth. A time of exploration and deeper understanding. An annular eclipse occurs when the Moon is too far away from the Earth to be fully covered by the Sun. The Sun corona will not be visible during the annular eclipse. The path of the Eclipse will begin off the coast of South Africa and moves across Antarctica and in the East coast of Australia.
This solar eclipse on 8 degrees Taurus can become a new wave of intensity, restlessness and multifarious challenges. Taurus is an Earth sign, so it can also contain a certain stability and tranquility now give the intensity of the Cardinal Grand Cross decreases. The solar eclipse calls to respect nature as eternal source of all life, symbolized by the tree of life. The message is: let yourself be carried by the dynamics of events, carried by the flow of life.

Wednesday april 30: Mercury trine Pluto helps to create a working society in order to have to a desirable future.
Mercury sextile Jupiter makes that we can switch easier to changes, be responsive to situations and it brings more tolerance and understanding.