Tuesday, March 21 2017

Tuesday, March 21 2017

Today, the Sun enters the sign of Aries. The astronomical beginning of Spring, the Spring equinox, the festival of Ostara, the goddess of the shining light, growth and creation. A particularly strong period in which new energy can lead to structural changes in ourselves and in the world around us.

Day and night are equally long. It's time for rebirth and a fresh start.

The positive connection of the Moon is in Taurus with Mars and Neptune in Pisces

gives us a constructive impetus and energy to complete unfinished business. The connection with Neptune allows feelings to go deeper today and that will have a positive effect on your relationship! The Moon in Capricorn squares Mercury and Venus retrograde in Aries.

Through this tense aspects you gonna doubt and you have the feeling that people claim you. Talk freely about what is going on .... this is ideally suited to open up your heart.