February 23 until 29 February 2016

Tuesday, February 23 2016

The Moon trines Pluto. Today we sense the general mood. This opportunity is regrettably one-sided. The Moon squares Saturn. Mood swings lead to limitations. This aspect makes it difficult to identify emotions. The atmosphere can be dissatisfied and gloomy.


Wednesday, February 24 2016

An enthusiastic day in which everything seems possible.

The Moon sextiles Mars in Scorpio. An abundance of energy and emotional strength to achieve a goal. The Moon is next to Jupiter in Virgo today. With this lucrative aspect we grant each other the very best. Positive financial aspect. Unfortunately, not all possible results can be achieved because of laziness.


Thursday, February 25 2016

The Moon enters the relational Libra. Mercury sextiles Saturn. A serious day where we feel particularly focused, grounded and disciplined. Wonderful for clearing our desk of backlogged work and to reassess our goals. Good position to go to the notary or sollicitor or contact with people whom we respect and admire! You are careful and thoughtful in your speech and writing, making decisions and signing contacts. For everything you want certainty, after each step, however, is a hidden intention. In relationships, this will be a rather tense day, especially if you decide to realize a number of individual projects.


Friday, February 26, 2016

The planetary interplay today can bring a plethora of fun and less fun surprises and strange occurrences. Sudden realizations could change our thoughts about reality.

The convenient connections to the Moon with Saturn and Mercury provide good business sense Mind and feelings go together harmoniously. Auspicious day for study, to settle things and for business. Our mental focus is on the future as well as humanitarian projects.

However, the Moon squares Pluto and Uranus in Aries creating a tension and mood can change unexpectedly in distrust, lies, betrayals and misunderstandings. By forcing actions and relationships, controversy will be stirred.


Saturday, February 27 2016

An auspicious day. Today, much can be achieved. Today is day of active leisure. With the favorable aspect between Mercury and Uranus, this is a good day to go shopping or go for a spontaneous trip. Getting way from it all. 


Sunday, February 28 2016

The convenient connection of the Sun with the Moon gives harmony and inner peace and a delicate balance between the masculine and feminine aspect. The Sun is next to the sensitive Neptune in Pisces and that means a lazy Sunday. A need for sacredness, to dream, as well as be in silence and serenity permeates this special day. Sleep-in and then a noce alk on the beach on the beach, a thoughtful conversation or perhaps losing yourself in music, dance and creativity. However, the Moon in Scorpio is in an intense square with Venus. In relationships, there may be uncertainty. The desire for attention and warmth is intense. The risk of rash romances, manipulation and sexual adventures is therefore lurking.


Monday, February 29 2016

The last day of February 2016 is a heavy day.

The Sun conjuncts Neptune in Pisces and the Moon conjuncts with Mars in Scorpio. This intense and confusing aspect is sensitive, impulsive, rash and irritable. We acted out of emotions with jealousy, anger and emotional frustration play an important role.

The Moon squares Mercury in Aquarius making the atmosphere nervous and misunderstood. Because emotions run high it will be difficult to come to a balanced judgment. Beware of deception and stay with both feet firmly on Mother Earth!