Monday, December 26 2016

Monday, December 26 2016

Boxing Day.

Today is the exact opposition between Jupiter in Libra and the awakening Uranus in Aries.

Venus in Aquarius and Saturn in Sagittarius are trying to appease Jupiter in Libra with positive aspects. The Sun in Capricorn is favorable to Mars and Neptune in Pisces, but the Waning Moon in Sagittarius challenges Mars and Neptune in Pisces with a angry square.

What does all this mean for Boxing Day 2016?

An enthusiastic, but inadequate energy. We want everything, but we think we can not have what we want. Restlessness. You can have the overwhelming feeling that you want to change or to get rid of something or someone in your immediate area. Change is good in your life and can be liberating when you think you're stuck or do something against your will. Be aware, however, that too much change at once can make you feel torn or it feels as if the ground crumbles out from under you. New door's open and opportunities are waiting for you... but do not take hasty decisions, take your time. Patience is always a virtue. You need to take some action to get rid of restless energy. Try to distract yourself, have a nice walk. Think carefully about what you need to improve or change certain things in your life.