February 2015, day to day

February 2015, day to day

Sunday, February 1
On the first day of February 2015, Mother Moon is in Cancer. A day to spend at home together with the family. Also a great day to be creative and let your hair down. Follow your intuition and indulge in your deepest desire.

Monday, February 2
Today the sensual Venus falls into the arms of King Neptune in Pisces. A day of inspiration, creativity, beauty and selflessness. The Sun in Aquarius reaches out to the Node in Libra. An excellent opportunity to reach collective growth from free will and mutual acceptance.
Today the Celtic festival of Imbolc is celebrated, the festival of Light dedicated to the goddess Brigid. In the first festival of the year before the Spring Equinox on March 21. A time of purification and cleaning for the beginning of a new phase of growth. Imbolc means' in the belly’. In the belly of Mother Nature new life awakens. The fields will be plowed, the seed will be sown. Connect to your own belly and feel what is needed to make inner growth possible.

Tuesday, February 3
Today we celebrate a Full Moon at 14º Leo! This Full Moon in Leo adds existing planetary energies together! The Full Moon is near to Jupiter in Leo.
The Moon also ignites the square between the Pluto and Uranus Square and the Square between Saturn and Neptune. All events of the past few weeks will be relived with this volatile energy.
The Sun in Pisces is sextile to Uranus in Aries and this friendship provides the theme of this day: Freedom! Freedom and free expression of the Individual, regardless individually or in groups. Many of us feel caged. But what causes that feeling? Fear. Fear is a thought that only we create. Why would you allow fear control your life?
Expect the unexpected today. On this day of independence we embrace everything new and unusual.
A perfect day to find a social platform to disseminate your message. The Full Moon in Leo provides that creative stage. It does not matter where you act, regardless you perform in public or at a party with your kids or with your loved one!

Wednesday, February 4
Today is a bit of a boring day. Do not expect too much. The energy of the Full Moon in Leo is still present. Enjoy s much as you can and continue to see the positive in everything.

Thursday, February 5
Today until Saturday, February 6th, the waning Moon in the earth sign Virgo. This is a good energy to begin a diet or fitness program or a course, update your accounts or just to clean the house.
What is for keeps and what has to go?

Friday, February 6
Today, the retrograde Mercury is sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius. Today there is a serious energy that keeps us sharp and focused. A day to keep busy in a disciplined way with your work and eliminating backlogs.
Because this day is intended to work you could experience feelings of loneliness or depression. The Waning Moon is still in the industrious Virgo. The best thing you can do is put the shoulder to the wheel. Everything you do today is well invested.

Saturday, February 7
Today the Sun in Aquarius is in exact opposition with Jupiter in Leo. This opposition indicates a day full of optimism and heightened awareness. You feel that Spring is in the air.
The energy is so high that you are willing to promise the world and to spend more than you can afford. Be true to yourself, stay within your limits and just enjoy this energy. There are opportunities for growth and success.
During the weekend Venus and Chiron in Pisces melt together. Emotional blackmail in a relationship is possible with this energy. Sometimes a lot more is going on in a relationship, so it's good to find out what is causing this kind of behavior. Sometimes the underlying wound is deeper than you imagined. Chiron will help to heal the wound.

Sunday, February 8
Until Tuesday, the Moon in Libra invites you to focus on relationships, exchanging and interaction with others. Interact in order to get to know yourself! A perfect day to visit a museum or a social affair. A coincidental meeting is destined to know yourself better. However, coincidence does not exist! All what happens is meant to be.
Venus has united with Chiron. This cosmic energy helps to discover and heal emotional pain in a relationship. Today Pluto will help Venus and Chiron with their quest for enlightenment. Emotions will deepen even more than yesterday. Issues that have to do with blocking intimacy will be addressed to be healed.

Monday, February 9
Today is very similar to the energy of yesterday. Venus is still in the vicinity of Chiron in Pisces. In all types of relationships very old pain is brought up to be healed, both in private life and in the office. But also globally, several social issues will be challenged social and political level.

Tuesday, February 10
Today, Mercury in Aquarius comes to a standstill. The first retrograde period of 2015 is over. Mercury is preparing to continue his direct motion around his axis of the sun. When a planet has been a retrograde, it takes a while before it is full ahead steam again. So wait a little while to start something new or make a major purchase until the next New Moon of February 18, 2015.
The forward movement of Mercury in Aquarius is in one word: Renewal!
Until its next retrograde period starting May 18, 2015 the direct Mercury enables us to make progress in life.

Wednesday, February 11
Today Mother Moon reaches her Last Quarter phase in Scorpio. From February 10 until February 12, the Moon plunges herself in the intense deep waters of Scorpio. These days are the days of power and strength, money, insurance, research, transformation and mystery of life. As said before, it takes a while before Mercury is Full Steam ahead! On the first day being retrograde, Mercury suffers from starting problems. On Earth this manifests in problems in traffic and thinking ability. For example, you lose your keys, delays in public transport, letters are lost and voice mail messages disappear just like that. Do not worry, tomorrow everything will have its normal pace.

Thursday, February 12
A special day in regard to finances. Ceres is an asteroid with an earthly energy. Ceres represents abundance!
Today, this asteroid squares Uranus in Aries. As you know since 2012 we are experiencing a period of transformation and revolutionary changes because of the square between Uranus and Pluto that allows for profound social changes.
On Sunday, February 15th Ceres melts along with the planet of Transformation, Pluto in Capricorn. In brief: The Universal Law of Attraction is present! Ask the universe what your financial needs are and when you want to see these needs realized. Be sure that your intentions are pure and come from your heart. If your intentions are not pure, you will only reach the opposite. Follow your intuition and clear everything that stands in your way to reach your goal.

Friday, February 13
The Moon in Sagittarius invites you to travel! If you are at home, you can travel in the mind. Drift away on a flying carpet and allow yourself a glimpse into the future! Today and tomorrow, February 14, 2015 are suitable for traveling, delving into other cultures and foreign languages and immersing in religious, spiritual and philosophical matters. Beautiful day for higher studies, medicine and legal matters. Days of choice to attend a lecture or to give a lecture.

Saturday 14 February
Valentine's Day 2015 might not be as romantic as you would hope. It's like everyone have other things on their minds than love! You think you have everything under control and there is a hitch. Romance comes slowly. Beware that no one take advantage of your romantic mood. The harsh reality brings a note of realism to the optimism.

Sunday 15 February
The Moon in Capricorn asks you to move words to deeds. Ask for that promotion, seek the help of people who can help you on your path. The New Moon is coming. Prepare a start for the next week to bring the best of you forward to reach your goals. Remember, Ceres has united with Pluto in Capricorn. Your wish could be fulfilled. However, only if our intentions are pure!

Monday, February 16
The Moon in Capricorn has rallied beside Pluto. This intense energy wants you to move words into deeds. But this day will have a different course than you expected.

Tuesday, February 17
The Moon has left earthy Capricorn and entered air sign Aquarius. The Sun in Aquarius awaits her on the threshold of water sign Pisces to form the New Moon. This innovative energy is perfect for everything involving progress and social involvement. Friendships, social groups, conduct discussions on social issues. Space, extraterrestrial life and new technologies are topics that are addressed with this Uranian energy.

Wednesday 18 February
Today the New Moon is formed on the last degree in Aquarius. This New Super Moon on the threshold of the water sign Pisces is ideally suited to set make wishes and dreams for spiritual growth for the coming year set. It is the last New Moon before the beginning of the astrological New Year on March 21, the Spring Equinox.
Just like the dawning of the new day, the New Moon in Pisces is a portal to enter and connect yourself with the Higher Force. This New Moon has a more inward focus than the earlier New Moons we had earlier this year. The sign of Pisces is the sign of the Redemption. However, before salvation is possible, we have to come clean with ourselves. The sign of Aquarius already paved the way for Redemption and Surrender. This New Moon may lead to Spiritual Enlightenment.

Thursday, February 19
Today, the Sun changes Air sign Aquarius for the intuitive, sensitive Water sign of Pisces. Pisces is a sign that wants to be deeply connected to something that feeds the soul or spiritual longing.
Now the Sun connects with King Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, the next month is a good time to write, to speak, to (day) dream and imagine a future that makes your highest desires come true.
In addition to intuitive insights and revelations this period with Chiron in Pisces is a good time for spiritual healing at a soul level. Meditation, looking at the infinite ocean, connecting with the Higher, dancing, painting, dreaming, listening to music or moving films. In short, uniting with the Soul and the Unity of All to achieve a higher form of consciousness.
The connection of the Sun with Neptune could strengthen illusions and confusion. Pay attention to your health. In addition to a deep sensitivity, there is a great desire to escape the world we live in. Refuges as monasteries, ashrams and rest homes for a retreat exert a great attraction. Until March 21, 2015, we rely on our intuition and feelings instead of thinking. We are more aware of what is hidden. We grow weak in the presence of beauty and love.

Friday, February 20
Today, Mercury in Aquarius is sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius. With this cosmic connection our concentration and mental focus is strengthened. Which is a good thing, because otherwise in this Pisces energy we are inclined to let our minds wander. We would be influenced too much by sympathy and conditions. As a result of this, wrong decisions could be made. With this efficient energy of Mercury and Saturn, a lot could be achieved. Our involvement is immense, but we manage to keep our distance so good decisions could be made. Mars is preparing to leave the waters of Pisces and make the transition to his own fiery realm of Aries.

Saturday 21 February
Today Mars enters its own fire sign Aries. With this powerful fire energy we want to go forward and take action where it is needed. No wait and see attitude anymore as it was last month when Mars was in Pisces, but go for it. Venus is following Mars closely. Venus has also left the deep waters of Pisces and followed her ardent lover in Aries. This also means action in the field of finance, love and all types of relationships. The collaboration of Venus and Mars causes that the emotions run high next month because of its impulsive nature. In meetings we are spontaneous, more direct. No more beating about the bush. Existing relationships may have a new beginning or romantic developments in this sparkling energy. Positive period for creative development and self-expression.
Today, Venus and Mars follow in a fiery dance. A day in which the masculine with the feminine principle will be united. A day of increased sexual passion. Creativity and inspiration everywhere. Today it is a very appropriate day for a celebration. A day to be together and celebrate life! The Moon in Aries encourages physical activity such as sports manifestations which bring out you the best of you.
This is a weekend to show your good will and who you are. Show the world what you got.

Sunday, February 22
The conjunction of Venus and Mars in Aries is the beginning of a new cycle in all types of relationships. Many of us start a new relationship or a new dynamic form of relationship that is characterized by initiative and new opportunities.
Just like yesterday, let yourself be carried away by the increased energy of the conjunction of Venus and Mars in Aries. Relationships, sexuality and creativity are encouraged. This could mean a new beginning, but also existing plans now come to fruition.

Monday, 23 February
Today, the Sun in Pisces is not on good terms with Saturn in Sagittarius. This square can cause feelings of loneliness and depression, despite the fiery energy of Venus and Mars. This square is meant to have a look inside yourself to get to know your weaknesses.
The Moon has left the fiery realm of Aries and moved into Taurus. Time for earthly things! These two days are suitable for sales and purchases, to regulate money, make payments or collect payments or an investment in real estate. Fine days to make contact with Mother Nature. Take a walk or do some gardening or to be creatively engaged with earth and clay. Also good days for museum visit, a beauty treatment or massage.

Tuesday, February 24
Today Venus and Mars in Aries a nice trine with Saturn in Sagittarius. A beautiful day for perpetuating emotional deepening in a relationship. A good day to get engaged, getting married or to make a decision moving in with someone. Today you are able to distinguish yourself in strengths and weaknesses and to see the other for the person he or she is. With this energy you want to build a long lasting relationship. This energy is reflected in a global way in the form of a file or peace negotiations.

Wednesday, February 25
Moon in Gemini is in its First Quarter phase. Until Friday this lively energy leads to exchanging information, phone calls, emails, talk, curiosity and increasing traffic. Good days for social activities, attend meetings, reading, gathering information and making contacts.

Thursday, February 26
The Sun has joined forces with King Neptune in Pisces. A beautiful day for the spiritual world. A day of dreams, art and heightened awareness. A day to connect with the Higher.
Venus is still close to Mars. Mars in Aries forms a once trine with Saturn in Sagittarius. Mercury in Aquarius reaches out to the Node in Libra.
In brief, this day is meant to experience what IS. Accept what we can not change. Change what is possible. Patience and perseverance are ultimately rewarded.

Friday, February 27
The last Friday of February 2015 feels like a relief. A day to reflect on all the events and look forward to all the beautiful moments to come.

Saturday, February 28
The Sun in Pisces and Moon in Cancer will ask you to take it easy. Truly a day for a timeout. A moment for yourself. A moment of silence before the storm.